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FC Dallas vs. Sporting Kansas City & Colorado Rapids: Player Ratings

FC Dallas had themselves a pair of fine showings last week, and we rate how the players performed in each win.

Colorado Rapids v FC Dallas Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Last Wednesday, FC Dallas hosted the Colorado Rapids. After a rough start they earned a 4-1 victory.

Then on Saturday, FC Dallas traveled to Sporting Kansas City and walked a way with a gritty 3-2 win.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids

Man of the Match: Santiago Mosquera (9.6) - I think it’s fair to say that nobody saw this coming:

Kyle Zobeck (6.9) - Lost in the volley of goals (just like the Rapids!), is the fact that Goatbeck had his best day in a FC Dallas uniform. He would finish with four saves, one punch, one clearance, and one goal allowed. Sadly, Kyle suffered an injury that would keep him out of the following match.

Matt Hedges (7.0), Reto Ziegler (7.2), Bryan Reynolds (7.0) & Ryan Hollingshead (6.5) - Ryan is the only backline player that wasn’t on top of his game, as he continues to look a little out of sorts. Reto had an assist on one of the bizzillion goals, and Reynolds continues to ball out.

Thiago Santos (7.1), Tanner Tessman (6.6) & Andres Ricaurte (6.7) - Santos rebounded from a rough start to have himself a fine game. It’s fair to say that Santos is looking a little fatigued, but is clearly not handing over any playing time to anybody. Tessman is starting to regain that early season form (pre-covid), and his play has us all excited. Ricaurte had to adjust his position on the field, and this meant that he wasn’t getting the ball further into the attacking third like he would have preferred. Still, it was another excellent performance from Ricaurte.

Michael Barrios (7.5) & Franco Jara (7.2) - Barrios had an assist and Jara got another goal:

Getting both of these players more involved in the attack is a great sign for FCD.


Brandon Servania (6.4), Fafa Picault (6.7), Bressan (6.1), Edwin Cerrillo (6.0) & Ricardo Pepi (6.0) - Servania looked good coming off the bench, while it was great to see Fafa return without skipping a beat. Bressan, Cerrillo, & Pepi came in once the match was all but over.


Luchi Gonzalez (7.9) - The team started a bit rough, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Luchi made some tactical changes before the end of the first half, and the team responded with a salvo of goals.

FC Dallas vs. Sporting Kansas City

Man of the Match: Franco Jara (8.1) - Franco has begun to show the FC Dallas faithful that he is every bit the big time forward they have been waiting for. He got things started against SKC:

He then added a second to start the second half:

Jara would finish with four shots on goal, and looks like he’s finally hitting his groove. Three goals in one week earns you a spot on the MLS Team of the Week:

Jimmy Maurer (6.1) - Jimmy was back despite appearing to not be 100%. He would finish the day with two saves, and two goals allowed.

Matt Hedges (6.8), Reto Ziegler (7.1), Bryan Reynolds (6.8) & John Nelson (7.2) - It was great to see Nelson finally get involved on the attacking side of the pitch, as he got an assist on Jara’s opening goal. The rest of the backline combined for 18 clearances, with all but two of them inside the box.

Thiago Santos (7.0), Tanner Tessman (7.1) & Brandon Servania (6.2) - Santos and Tessman continue to pair well, and it looks like Tessman is only growing in confidence the more he plays. The one midfielder that did struggle on the night, was Servania, who had a paltry 21 touches, and had the worst passing amongst the starters (61.5%).

Fafa Picault (7.2) & Santiago Mosquera (6.1) - A tale of two stories. Fafa showed that his play prior to his injury was the type of play that can be expected of him, now that he is back to full strength. Santiago, on the other hand, reverted to the type of play that we have come to expect from him prior to his three goal outburst.


Ryan Hollingshead (7.1) - Let’s face it, Ryan had been struggling quite badly of late. Well, all is forgiven, following this:

Bressan (6.1), Michael Barrios (6.1) & Bryan Acosta (4.9) - Kinda sad that the only stand out in this group, stood out for the wrong reason. Acosta received two yellows, and forced FC Dallas to defend their lead short handed, in what was an amazingly long extra time.


Luchi Gonzalez (7.1) -I want to be hard on Luchi, but getting a win at Sporting Kansas City is so sweet, that I should be giving him a 10.