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East Stand View: TUDN Twitter Bias?

The boys went out to Kansas City for a rematch of the 9/2 game over there. It went better.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

What a game, what a match! This game was not being streamed on the FC Dallas website, but was instead being streamed by TUDN on Twitter which is where I watched it and the commentators had something to say. Sporting Kansas City fans seem to be mad about our time wasting which is hilarious. Also, Franco Jara looks like the real deal, did we finally do the striker position correctly?

Best Striker Since?...

Franco Jara may be our best striker since maybe, Blas Perez? Kobra was pretty good, but with Jara already having five goals on the season maybe we finally did this striker thing right. Jesus Ferreira looked decent until we moved him out wide and to the midfield. So for out and out strikers, especially some of the more pricey or strange imports we’ve gone through, I believe it’s safe to say that Jara seems to be taking the cake. Hopefully this paragraph doesn’t jinx it all.

Commentating Bias?

Just because Sporting Kansas City was the home team, doesn’t really mean a national broadcast commentators should skew heavily towards them. It really felt like I was watching a stream of Sporting Kansas City home feed. Maybe it was, but TUDN was just carrying it nationally? Maybe it’s my personal bias, because sometimes when Taylor Twellman and Ian Darke are on the call I always feel like FC Dallas is the least liked team by commentators. Is it possible that it’s because of our small fan base? So commentators go ahead and massage the more popular team in a national broadcast, possibly? Small fan bases deserve love too.

Time wasting is a part of soccer. That sentence should come with no real argument as pretty much every team does it anywhere in the world. When the boys in red and white do it, it’s met with much harsher scrutiny. Maybe it’s from what Jesse Gonzalez did in the past, or maybe it’s because SKC fans are that salty about this loss. Some Blue Cauldron guys calling for league actions against our team, points deductions, player suspensions. You’d think we went out there and curbstomped some of their players American History X style. I’m not ashamed of what our team did to kill off a game and neither should you be. We got the three points. That’s what matters.

And finally, your fan quote of the night:

Do you think we finally struck striker gold in Franco Jara or am I jumping the gun a little? Did anyone else notice some bias among the commentators on the Twitter stream or am I just being a baby? Are you ashamed of FC Dallas’ time wasting, or do you agree that it’s just part of the game? Let me know in the comments below!