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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ win over Colorado.

FC Dallas picked up another win at home on Wednesday night, thanks to three goals from Santiago Mosquera in a 4-1 over the Colorado Rapids.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts…

I think we weathered the first 20 minutes. They were creating overloads on the flanks, we had to adjust our defensive shapes from a high press into a midblock, and we did it mid game which took us a bit to get it right but then we made it very clear at halftime. I think the adjustments helped us defend spaces and create some good transition moments. But credit to the boys, they showed us some great mentalities and resilience to weather the first few minutes and then I would say create better chances in the first half, maybe even better than them. Credit to our players to have a mentality to weather that but then find a way to score. Again, the way we closed the game, I know it was in a low block in a line of five, but we do what we have to do to try and get three points. But I’m proud of our group for the shifting, the sacrifice, the blocks, the clears, and then still being dangerous.

On tonight’s goalscorers…

What a night for Santi (Mosquera). Obviously, he’s a player that’s had some injuries and things that have not allowed him to be on the field, but he’s always shown support for his teammates, he’s been working really well in training and he’s earned that opportunity. So tonight’s a product of him doing those small details. And Franco (Jara) has continued to have opportunities and keeps putting them away in games which is really important for us.

FC Dallas midfielder Tanner Tessmann

Takeaways from the game…

I thought we put in a good shift. Obviously, it was a great night for Santi scoring the hat trick, congrats to him. He worked hard for that. But it was a great performance from the whole collective unit, we were pushing for goals so it was nice to get four goals instead of just being ahead by one. It was nice to have that comfort and be ahead. So congrats to us and let’s move forward and focus on Kansas City.

On the midfield adjustments...

The first half I thought we held the ball pretty well. We were moving it quick and defensively we were in a double-six with Ricaurte kind of in front of us. And then in the second half, we were defending more at the end, trying to keep our lead and let the game run out. So we switched to a 5-4-1, so we were sitting back defending and trying to hit on the counter a little bit. It was good though, Thiago (Santos) great shift, me putting in the work and Ricaurte had a good game. The guys who came in helped us too so it was a good team performance.

FC Dallas forward Santiago Mosquera

General thoughts on the match…

I am happy, I worked hard for this and throughout all the lows. We must keep going, working hard and taking care of ourselves. I’ve suffered a lot with injuries, but I am committed to taking better care of myself. We needed this victory, and it will help us in the standings. We move on from this game and I am focusing on our next match for Saturday.

On his process with FC Dallas so far…

I am mentally fine, I had a role and confidence growing with Oscar Pareja, but it had to be cut. Now with Luchi, he demands something different from us and I’ve worked hard to learn more. I’m thankful for Luchi because the whole staff demands more work and effort from me. I’m working personally to get stronger and to prevent injuries from the past. We have to have faith, and the results will come.

On his connection with Franco Jara and Michael Barrios

All the players are important, we all give each other a good competition. We have a key player in the #10 role in Ricaurte. He is important for Barrios and me because he gives us that pass to set us up for success. Anyone who steps up can help in the attack for the team.