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FC Dallas vs. Houston Dynamo: Player Ratings

FC Dallas hosted the Houston Dynamo, and ended their 6 match unbeaten streak. Time to dish out some ratings.

FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo - MLS 2020 Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

FC Dallas hosted the Houston Dynamo and earned a well deserved 2-1 victory. Time to see which players stood out from the match.

I’ll also be including the player ratings for the 3-2 loss at Minnesota United earlier in the week.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

Man of the Match: Andres Ricaurte (8.1) - Talk about announcing your arrival to the rest of the league! Ricaurte got his first start for FCD, after teasing everyone with his 2nd half performance against the Loons. He entered the match pretty much still a mystery, but had arrived with a reputation of having a great left foot. It didn’t take long for Ricaurte to show off said left foot:

His starting debut was impressive as he lead the team in touches with 67, something you very much want to see from the man you want running the show. He had two shots on goal (both from distance), two key passes, and for a player who is not familiar with his new teammates, his 82.7% passing accuracy is actually quite impressive. Ricaurte also pitched in on defense with nine recoveries.

I can’t wait for the encore.

Kyle Zobeck (6.4) - Kyle came up big against one of the hottest teams in MLS:

Zobeck had a very professional showing in the loss against the Loons earlier in the week, and followed it up with another solid performance that saw him earn two saves and allow one goal, while earning his first MLS win. So it was with great surprise that Zobeck received the following news:

Matt Hedges (6.6) - Matt wasn’t his usual dominant self in the first half, as he looked rather uncomfortable. In the second half, he was back to his old self and helped FCD secure the win.

Reto Ziegler (6.3) - Reto continues to have quiet, yet effective matches.

Bryan Reynolds (7.1) - Reynolds has continued to dazzle the fans with his performances. In his second start, he continued to build on his strong performance against the Loons. It wasn’t quite the MOTM that many people are claiming, but it was certainly worth consideration.

Ryan Hollingshead (6.9) - Ryan bounced back from a forgetful performance against the Loons with the type of performance we are used to seeing from him. The fact that he was back in his preferred left back position, likely had something to do with it.

Thiago Santos (6.7) - Gone slightly unnoticed during the Houston match, was just how involved Thiago was on both sides of the field. Thiago had nearly as many touches as Ricaurte, and matched him for passing accuracy, and even had a shot attempt. When two of the most involved players during the match are midfielders, then things are going right with Luchiball.

Tanner Tessman (6.3) - Tanner looked good out there and getting minutes with veteran players around him will do wonders for his development.

Michael Barrios (6.9) - Barrios looked to finally break out of that deep funk he’s been in all season. He had an assist on the Franco Jara second half goal, he also had two shot attempts, and two key passes. He did get a yellow on the day and his rating takes a slight hit for it.

Santiago Mosquera (6.3) - Santiago played like a player who doesn’t get much playing time. He was effective for several stretches at a time, then disappeared for even longer stretches. Santiago was also unlucky, getting robbed of what looked like a clear goal:

At this point, it’s clear that the only reason Santiago started, is due to the lack of options ahead of him.

Franco Jara (7.6) - No player benefited more from Ricaurte starting than Jara, who was more involved with the attack than he has been at any point in the season. He had a season high in touches, and scored the game winner:


Brandon Servania (6.1), Bressan (6.0), Brandon Cerrillo (6.0) & Ricardo Pepi (6.0) - None of the subs really stood out, but they didn’t have to. They all came in with the task of securing the lead, and they helped do just that.


Luchi Gonzalez (7.4) -If you think this rating is a bit on the high side, well, then perhaps you’re forgetting just how hot Houston came into this match. Luchi crafted a gameplan that derailed Houston’s match unbeaten streak, and helped secure a series win in the Texas Derby.

FC Dallas vs. Minnesota United; Player Ratings

Despite a rocky start, FC Dallas was unfortunate to lose 3-2 at Minnesota United. It was a tale of 2 halves, as FC Dallas was completely outplayed in the 1st half, only to turn the tables in the second half. I’ll keep it brief.

MOTM: Byran Reynolds (7.5) - Reynolds had an impressive first start, getting the assist on the Pepi goal.

Kyle Zobeck (6.2) - Despite the three goals scored against him, Zobeck accounted well for himself in his first start.

Reto Ziegler (5.9), Ryan Hollingshead (4.7), John Nelson (5.8), & Bressan (6.9): The backline struggled as a whole, with Bressan and Reynolds as the only standouts. Ryan started out of position and looked out of sorts, even after the second half adjustment.

Thiago Santos (6.9) & Brandon Servania (6.4): This midfield pairing struggled in the first half, but played much better in the second half once Ricaurte joined them in the middle.

Michael Barrios (6.9), Ricardo Pepi (7.0), & Franco Jara (6.2): Other than the first half goal by Pepi, the attack really struggled early, but gained significant strength in the second half.


Tanner Tessman (6.4), Santiago Mosquera (6.9), & Andres Ricaurte (7.0): It was these three that changed the flow of the match, with most of that credit reserved for this man:

Santiago may have been more lucky than good, but his goal allowed FCD back into the match:

Jesus Ferreira (6.1), & Dante Sealy (6.0): Both entered too late in the match to make a real impact, although Sealy did add a bit of excitement in his short stint.


Luchi Gonzalez (5.6) - Somebody has to take the blame for a match that should at the minimum have been a draw. Luchi’s prematch decisions really hurt the team. While his second half adjustments allowed the team to get back in the match, he was unable to get his team to produce an equalizer against a 10 man team down the stretch.