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East Stand View: Did you see that golazo?!

Could dedicate this whole article to that goal, but we’ll chat about the crowd too.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A cold front came into the DFW area around midweek this past week that really helped the weather not be unbelievably hot for once. The FC Dallas fans not only got to enjoy the weather, but they got to enjoy an absolute beauty from our newest signing Andres Ricaurte. To top it all off, it was against that one team that we don’t too much care for around these parts. Definitely was an amazing night even if there were some nervy parts.

What An Absolute Beauty

Please tell me you’ve seen the goal by the time you’re reading these words. If not, go and watch the highlights above. A weakly cleared ball from from a header came bouncing to Ricaurte, our new #10, and he absolutely blasted it on a first time volley from outside of the box. I’m not sure I’ve seen an absolute stunner in our stadium in favor of the good guys for quite some time. When I saw it, I literally jumped out of my seat and repeated the phrase “what a goal.” about 12 times give or take. The goal wasn’t the only thing amazing about the game though...

Crowd Had Fun

There’s obviously many dangers of going to a live sporting event during the time of a pandemic. The threat of contracting the virus or relaying the virus to someone else is always present and we’re not sure of the long term effects of the virus thus far. BUT. Man the weather was absolutely amazing this week and for this game as well. Don’t get me started on how good the parking is with so few in attendance. It’s usually a main gripe during normal times.

Add to all of this goodness, that we got one over against our bitter rivals the Houston Dynamo. I enjoy winning any game in this league, but winning/losing against the Dynamo feels like it makes/ruins my week. Not just bragging rights, but so the insufferable orange Houstonites at least stay off social media for a day or two.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “F*** off that’s unreal” - /u/pants6789 regarding Andres’ goal.

What did you say when you saw that goal go into the net from Andres’ volley? If you went to the game, are you enjoying the parking compared to the normal times? How good does it feel to beat the Dynamo? No wrong answers. Let me know in the comments below!