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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from the win over the Dynamo.

FC Dallas picked up three big points on Saturday night in a 2-1 win over the Houston Dynamo.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts…It’s a great feeling to get the win. That’s a very good team. That’s a team that is in good form. That’s a team that plays football and is very hard to beat because they control a lot of moments of the game with possession and the midfield. But I felt we showed good initiation, a front foot energy and proactiveness in the beginning to push and show we are at home and that we are going for this and I thought we showed that energy. That goal was a special goal. It’s obviously something that a coach can’t influence. That’s just something that a coach can enjoy. That was Andres’ strike and he’s integrated quite well to the group. It’s not just his talent it’s his human skills and his teammate skills so we welcome him and say congrats to him.

On Kyle earning his first MLS win...Houston got their goal before the half but I felt the group calm and ready for the second half to push and win the second half and that’s exactly what they did so I’m proud of them. Kyle [Zobeck] got his first win for the club being on the field and what a great feeling for that young man to help this team on and off the field in any way possible. What a great teammate. What a great example for any player in the league. For any player in the league and so congrats to him but credit to the team. The boys took care of business and we enjoyed it. But there is no time to enjoy it. We have to now move forward and rest tonight and start preparing for the next game against Colorado.

On Ricaurte’s defensive game... He’s an honest player. He’s intelligent. Not just creative and with an amazing vision that can score outside of the box as you saw. He is responsible. He knows how to fill spaces defensively. He reads his teammates and he puts in effort and so he is a great fit for us. He is a great human being. He’s a great talent but he compliments it with a game intelligence as well. And reading what he needs to do defensively so that’s going to help us.

On the importance of having Matt back on the roster...Matt’s a winner. We were joking with the staff the other day when he trained Wednesday with the guys that needed extra training and he wasn’t cleared for the last game. He was like a little kid out there. Playing small sided, competing, pushing his team, celebrating goals and that’s Matt. He is consistent. He is there for a reason and is leading this team in every training and he took care of business tonight and it was great to have him back in our lineup. You know we are a team so we have to do things without him and we have to step up without him and that is what we have to do but certainly when Matt is available he’s gonna lead us.

FC Dallas defender Bryan Reynolds

On the transition to the first team.I (was) feeling pretty good when I got subbed in for, like, five minutes or when I got subbed in for 20 minutes. They wanted to ease me into it. Then when I made my first start at right wing back and I played a full 90, I felt pretty good. I was pretty nervous and I didn’t know if I could go a full 90; surprisingly I went full a 90. Today, I felt pretty good as well. I’m glad we got the win but, like, from an individual standpoint, I wish I had gotten an assist or scored a goal.

On adjusting to the first team, learning when to track back and work underlapping/overlapping runs with Michael Barrios...For me, you have to choose your times to go forward and track back. Let’s say, like, we’re trying to get a goal, then, obviously, I’m going to work harder to get forward. In those last 10 minutes, I just have to be conservative and defend, defend and defend for our lives to get the three points I feel really good playing with Mikey (Barrios). I feel we get forward pretty well together and I’m just excited to keep playing with him.

FC Dallas midfielder Andrés Ricaurte

On starting in his first match at Toyota Stadium….I’m very happy that we won the match. I think that, in general terms, we played a great game against a rival. [I’m] with the feeling of continuing to improve and wanting to rest and recover as soon as possible so I can think about Wednesday’s match.

On scoring a golazo…I don’t think anyone gets used to [scoring] those types of goals. It was a very special goal. It’s a shot that I’ve liked to practice for a long time ago and it gave me good results.

On quickly adapting to FC Dallas… It’s been really easy with the help of the entire coaching staff, the players and the team administration. They have welcomed me in very kind manner. I had the opportunity to train during the quarantine and that helped me to integrate in the best way.

On his perspective of his goal…When the second rebound came, I positioned myself with the conviction that I was going to hit the ball. Instinctively, I took the shot on the first try, and luckily, I got the goal, which was important to help get this win.

Thoughts on his defensive skills ...I am a player who tries to contribute from the creative part, rather than from the offensive and defensive part. I like to pass the ball or generate assists. Obviously, I try to contribute to the team in the creation and completion of all those plays.