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FC Dallas vs Minnesota United: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ win over Minnesota.

FC Dallas is back in the win column in 2020 as they battled the weather (again) and Minnesota United in a 3-1 victory on Saturday night.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts on tonight’s…

We waited a while to get a win, we went through a lot and I’m very proud of the boys. Battling and fighting for each other, for the club, for the jersey, and also for each other. I think we started strong and attacked early. A beautiful first goal by Fafa [Picault]. We had a weather delay at halftime, and we knew Minnesota were going to come out fresh with four subs. Then, they scored a well-deserved goal and they were on us. We responded and we were calm and had a collective mindset. We made some subs and adjustments and I thought the players that came on were fantastic. I wanted to hold the ball more, but Minnesota were fantastic and resilient. I thought the players that started did well and the bench players that came on made an impact. We have a compact schedule and we have to be ready and have our depth ready. We must be prepared to face Sporting KC.

On the team’s game play…

We wanted to turn them early and be vertical. We wanted to be more possession based and be aggressive. It created some one on ones with Fafa, and some two on ones with Johnny and Ryan. I liked our flanking today and we made some early crosses. That was a very positive way to start. I liked how we ended as well. We were defensive and we created great open play counters.

FC Dallas forward Ricardo Pepi

Thoughts on the game…

It was a very important game, and we got the three points. After three draws and me not being able to play a game was very important to me.

On his first start and assist to Ferreira…

It was great, I just want to help the team get the win. We needed the three points and those were very important.

FC Dallas forward Fafa Picault

General thoughts on the game…

We finally get these three points, it’s our first win in six months. It’s a complicated year but we are happy to get this win and just happy to be a part of it.

On tonight’s goal…

It was a regular performance. It was just missing overall and in the last month people haven’t seen me. It can be difficult when you start to hear the criticism. I know what I’m capable of as a left winger when it comes to attack in the past few years in the league. I’ve had good support from my teammates and coaches, and just having self-belief to help the team.