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Squad Selection: If they play, what will FC Dallas’ lineup look like against Minnesota?

Since Wednesday night didn’t happen, what could tomorrow’s lineup end up being?

Colorado Rapids v FC Dallas Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Here we go again folks. Another home game for FC Dallas. Tomorrow’s game with Minnesota United is still set to happen, at least as of this writing. So it is time to discuss what kind of lineup and formation we want to see against the Loons.

Obviously, Wednesday night was pretty important to the players within the league here. Sitting out and protesting was a massive step for the players. But as we’re seeing with the NBA and WNBA, games are looking to resume this weekend, so MLS will likely follow suit.

Since FC Dallas didn’t play on Wednesday, they got an extra days worth of rest to get ready for this one. Thankfully there are no new injuries to discuss as Luchi Gonzalez has a healthy roster for a change to play around with on Saturday. Does he stick to a 5-3-2 or head back to a 4-3-3 look? There was speculation on Wednesday that he was staying with a 5-3-2 and even a potential lineup was tweeted out. So I would imagine we’ll see that same kind of look on Saturday against Minnesota.

Here is what we know in terms of availability for Saturday’s game (some of the loaned players could end up not being on loan, some of those are fluid each week):


OUT: none


LOAN: Francis Atuahene (San Diego Loyal), Pablo Aranguiz (La U), Callum Montgomery (San Antonio FC), Ema Twumasi (Austin Bold)

Note: Andres Ricaurte and Phelipe Megiolaro have yet to arrive with the team. Once both arrive they have to complete a quarantine before being able to join training.

Build your lineup below.

Here is a link to a mobile friendly URL.

What kind of formation are you using this week? Let us know below.