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Scratching the Chalkboard: Cancel the Season

Enough is enough

Colorado Rapids v FC Dallas Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Yesterday was a day full of emotion; from being angry and frustrated to proud and hopeful. Like it or not, we’re in the thick of a cultural revolution and people, especially Black Americans, are tired and exhausted at being shot and killed by police officers. I am Asian American, and while I share in some grievances of racism, I am nowhere near subjected to the terrors of being targeted by such violence and heinous crimes committed by those who swore to protect and serve.

Last night before the game was supposed to kick off, a few of us here at BigD huddled together to talk about what do we want to do. We were already internally voicing our hope that the game would be called out of the national narrative of Black Lives Matter and we wanted to join in with the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA and WNBA in this conversation. We knew that we wanted to do something... anything to be part of this.

So what does a soccer blog with writers do? We go silent. We collectively agreed that while we couldn’t stop the game, we did have some control over what we do in response if the game against Colorado was played. I’m so grateful that we were able to put a joint statement together and just say together that we are not doing this.

To any detractors who say, what does a soccer blog going silent actually accomplish in this? You’re asking the wrong question. We are a soccer blog, not policy makers. But we do have a responsibility to steer the direction and attention away from us to what is happening and the slaughtering of Black Americans. This has to stop.

I’m grateful that in the end the game was postponed and the rest of the MLS games were also called off. There’s a time and a place for soccer, yesterday wasn’t it.

I’m not the first and only person to propose this, but I’m in favor of cancelling the rest of the season in protest. I know we have a scary pandemic destroying our country right now, and we need something to root for, to take our attention away from this deadly virus. But we also have something very urgent and pressing staring at us too. Police brutality and violence has to stop.

Cancelling the season won’t bring this to an end, but it can redirect our energy and our attention to the cause. We don’t need soccer right now. We need reform. We need accountability. We need our country’s leaders to step up and put a stop to this. We need to get involved and put pressure on the leaders and demand change. We cannot let this senseless violence continue.