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Workhorse of the Week vs. Houston Dynamo

Is it time to panic, or is a point on the road a good thing? Which player stood out to you in Dallas’ draw at Houston?

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow, we started out a rough week back in this weird MLS season with a loss at home and a draw at home, and likewise in the first Workhorse poll back, Jimmy Maurer and John Nelson drew among votes cast, 13 apiece. So, there you go. Another draw.

And yet another draw

Speaking of draws, FC Dallas boarded a plane down to Houston on Friday for the first rivalry match of the season. Once again, it was great that fans weren’t there, because while there were some hard fouls and a few chances here and there, the result was essentially what it ended up on paper - 0-0. Houston didn’t exactly look like they were in form and ready to set the league on fire. Look to Tab Ramos subbing in a single player (late) to know that his roster may be pretty thin at the moment. On Dallas’ side, we weren’t exactly humming along. The first half was an abyss of soccer pleasure, and the second half only improved when Luchi brought on Paxton Pomykal and Brandon Servania.

Fans are rightfully frustrated. This roster, at least on paper, should be one of the best that Dallas has ever put together. Still, the season has been weird, and we don’t know if we are due for another stoppage of play in the coming weeks. FC Dallas has looked like they need time to figure things out. Luchi also is intent on going with the 5-3-2 for some reason.

On the positive side, to quote Jose Carmona, you always take a draw on the road at Houston. It’s often a hard fought season, so to get a point in a place that can be difficult against a team that you despise, you come away satisfied. It is something to build upon, even if we fans want to see more.

In Hedges We Trust

Finally, we salute team captain Matt Hedges for his 248th appearance, marking him as FC Dallas’ All-Time Appearance Leader. He was in form on Friday night too, snuffing out attacks and keeping the goal empty. He was accompanied with a strong game from Jimmy Maurer, so you can celebrate that at least one part of the team’s strategy is working.

Will see tinkering this week?

With two games ahead, I have to imagine Luchi will feel a little more comfortable trying something new. Expect Paxton to get the start on Wednesday, even if he doesn’t go much beyond the first half. This is a perfect opportunity to give Santos a night off and let Acosta go the full 90 in that d-mid role.

We also remain in full fledge Reggie watch.

Who will you vote for?

I recommend Jimmy Maurer or Matt Hedges in this one.


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    Matt Hedges
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    John Nelson
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