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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Player Ratings

FC Dallas escaped Houston with a draw after an abysmal showing, even so, there were a couple of standouts.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest, FC Dallas was fortunate to leave Houston with a 0-0 draw. While the play overall was one big eyesore, there were a couple of players who stood head and shoulders above their team mates.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

Man of the Match: Matt Hedges (8.5) - On the day that Hedges passed Jason Kreis for the franchise record with 248 appearances, he played like a man that could one day more than double that record. While the rest of the team was struggling to not trip over their own shoes, Matt was playing like a man who was never going to allow the Dynamo to score and ruin his special day.

Matt would finish with seven recoveries, nine clearances, two interceptions, three blocked shots, three tackles, and six aerials won. On top of being a complete beast on defense, Matt had two shot attempts, one of those shots on goal, and 80% passing accuracy.

Jimmy Maurer (8.0) - I’ve always been on the Maurer bandwagon, and the match against Houston showed all of the strengths that Jimmy brings to the table. He finished with six saves:

Jimmy has always had great positional awareness, excellent communication with his back line, and Friday it showed. All of those saves were not easy saves, Jimmy just made them look easy cause he was in the right position every time.

Bressan (7.3) - Bressan had one of his better days in an FCD jersey. Bressan had 88% passing accuracy, which is more impressive when you consider that 11 of those where long balls, of which he attempted a team high 15. I have to say that this is one of those matches, where we hardly heard Bressan’s name, and that folks, is a good thing. Bressan finished with two tackles, three interceptions, four clearances, five recoveries, and one aerial won.

Reto Ziegler (6.9) - Reto had his usual quiet, yet solid defensive day. If there was one place where Reto struggled, it was his team low 71.7% passing. For a team that wants to build out of the back, that’s not what you want to see from one of your center backs.

Reggie Cannon (6.5) - Reggie wasn’t as involved on defense as we are used to seeing, and did his best to be involved in the anemic FCD attack. He actually lead the team with five cross attempts, and also lead the team with three accurate crosses. Sadly there were no players at the end of those crosses due to the disjointed attack. Reggie also lead the team with 90.6% passing percentage, but only had 32 pass attempts.

John Nelson (6.0) - Nelson hasn’t done anything to indicate that he is ready to take over at left back. While he certainly is a scrappy defender, there has been a huge drop off between him and Hollingshead on the attacking side of the ball. Now, I’m not trying to be down on Nelson, as there clearly are quite a few FCD players out of form at the moment, and he is certainly one of them.

Thiago Santos (6.2) - Thiago was solid defensively, but was a complete non-factor in the attack. Most days I’ll take that but this wasn’t one of those day. Santos had a yellow on the day, otherwise I might have given him a higher rating...maybe.

Bryan Acosta (6.3) - Acosta did everything that Santos did, and that is simply not what the team is looking to get from him. Acosta was okay defensively, but also did not factor in the attack. You expect more from one of the teams DPs, and Acosta currently isn’t giving it.

Jesus Ferreira (5.8), Michael Barrios (5.9), Franco Jara (6.0) - I’m likely being overly generous to what was an abysmal display in the attack. Ferreira and Barrios pretty much disappeared, and while Jara had flashes here and there, they simply amounted to nothing.


Paxton Pomykal (6.4) & Brandon Servania (6.3) - I wish both of them would have been given more time, because they brought a ton of energy once they entered the match. It wasn’t enough to actually score, but giving them both more minutes might solve that issue.

Pepi (N/A) - Pepi simply did not play enough minutes to make a difference.

Fafa Picault (5.8) - Fafa simply looked a little lost at times out there, and that’s not something you want to see from a player you are counting on to give you a spark off the bench.


Luchi Gonzalez (6.4) - Luchi may have over thought his tactics for this match. The team clearly came out in a purely defensive posture, and looked like a team in survival mode from the get go, before finally showing some life late. Considering how poorly Houston looked themselves, you have to wonder if Luchi showed way too much respect to our bitter rivals.