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What we learned from the draw against the Houston Dynamo

More midfield woes, a goalkeeper conundrum, and sportswriter bs

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

A draw on the road isn’t always a bad thing, but when it comes with as paltry an attacking performance as this, it’s hard to see a point as a positive. FC Dallas have now gone three games without scoring since the restart and appear farther than ever from putting the pieces together necessary to start. Is it the result of astute tactics from the in-state rivals or Dallas overthinking their personnel?

Midfield mixup

Jokes aside, Thiago Santos and Bryan Acosta are both fantastic players and we’re very lucky to have them bossing our midfield. However, in this system, there is not room for both of them. Just like Oscar Pareja coached Carlos Gruezo to get forward, Thiago and/or Santos can be molded into a system that works for this team. But right now they’re not cutting it.

FCD’s key passes against Houston

Dallas continues to fail to create chances through the center of the pitch and relies on low-reward crosses. To echo Jason’s sentiments, we need Paxton Pomykal or Brandon Servania healthy stat. With one of them in the midfield, the team may find itself with the forward drive and purpose its lacking.

Megiolaro—a welcome addition?

I was surprised to see so many positive comments in the Phelipe Megiolaro announcement post. If there is one rule of thumb for building a successful MLS team, it seems to be don’t overthink the goalkeeper. Sure, he’s not coming in as a DP like Tim Howard or as a huge name with expectations like Brad Guzan, but keeper seems to be a position of low importance in this league. The difference between the guys at the top and the guys at the bottom isn’t as big as you would think. And I venture that the difference between Megiolaro and Jimmy Mauer isn’t as big as people would think.

I applaud the team for doing shrewd business to bring in a promising young player on the cheap, but again, we see the FO prioritizing strange positions while continuing to ignore the black hole on the left wing. I’ll just say that I’m not in a rush to see Mauer displaced between the sticks. I’m cautiously optimistic that Megiolaro could become the team’s number one, but until then this team is firmly within Jim Jam’s hands.

Locating FCD in the season story arc

So much of writing about a sports team involves myth-making about the spirit of the team and their resolve. Well, if I was to partake in that this week...I’d say this team needs some scrap in them. They haven’t looked desperate or passionate. Three disappointing games in is where they need to start losing their composure on the field a bit. Get fired up, show some resolve, and just go kick the ball in the goal while it’s bouncing around on a corner.

The dream of a homegrown XI playing beautiful possession-based soccer is why I still watch the team, but that’s not happening this season and no one expects it to. Luchi has full permission to get ugly and direct. I hope we see it soon, if not for the team’s sake at least for the sake of the fans.

  • Do you start Acosta or Santos? Does Jesus need the boot? If they’re both healthy, Servania or Paxton?
  • Do you give Megiolaro minutes this season? Does Mauer need competition?
  • What do you expect to see different against Colorado? What is Cobra saying in the locker room?