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After Dark Live Show Is Tonight

While we will eventually settle into a weekly schedule, we are going to go live post Houston to breakdown and complain about the result. Join us for this FC Dallas livestream at 9:30 PM CST/10:30 PM EST.

Need a place post-game to share your thoughts, celebrate, or just complain about FC Dallas’ most recent result?

Join us for our Youtube-only livestream tonight at 9:30 PM central and 10:30 PM eastern for live breakdown led by Ben Lyon, Jose Carmona, and Nathan Hill.

Here is the direct link - be sure to click “Set a Reminder” so you won’t miss it when we go live:


Of course, with the match against Houston looming, we are excited and anxious to see how Dallas steps it up. Are they going to sort out their offensive issues? Or is this going to be a tough one with multiple goals given up? We simply don’t know, so you’ll want to log on and blast us with your awful takes and delicious questions. We will address them as we are able.

Topics to also touch base on:

  • Latest Reggie Cannon transfer rumors
  • Who replaces Reggie Cannon in the lineup if he leaves?
  • New Goalkeeper Incoming - Will he challenge Maurer?
  • Beards
  • Beer

If you missed last week’s episode, there were lots of good stuff covered:

  • Talk about Reggie Cannon’s transfer.
  • The 3-5-2
  • The future of this team
  • Black Lives Matter

Watch it here: