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East Stand View: Different Statement After Rain Delay

Fans had a different response to the players kneeling this time.

MLS: Nashville SC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The weather was showing a cold front coming in the afternoon/evening for the DFW area for Sunday night when the FC Dallas vs Nashville SC game was to be played. Not sure the massive storm was exactly expected though, with hail hitting parts of the area and a torrent of rain delaying the game by over three hours. Maybe the delay chased away some fans that don’t much appreciate people kneeling during the national anthem. Though the fans that stayed had to endure a match

A Different Reaction

Last game out, there were some fans that didn’t enjoy the players expressing their opinions on current events. This time though, it seems like the rain delay and cool weather may have cooled some heads and there was a much more positive reaction Sunday night. There were shouts of support and cheers and applause this time.

The FCD supporters group, El Matador, was also on the south side of the stadium, present even in smaller numbers. There were also banners on the south end, both showing support to the same cause. One which read “It’s easy to make shirts (Black Lives Matter) It’s harder 2 lead”. With the other banner being the fist that has come to be one of the symbols of the BLM movement. Much better response from the crowd, although, with the delay and the fact that the next day was a work week it may have whittled down the crowd a little.

Delay To Boredom

Unfortunately, as nice as the attitude from the crowd was for the night, it was rewarded with a drab draw. Good news was, the weather felt absolutely immaculate after the storms had passed. That perfect post-rain cool temperature. The delay was over three hours long with people waiting in their cars to come back to watch the game. The players came back out to play the game out, and it was a pretty uninteresting affair. The only two exciting things was an awesome Paxton cross into Jara and Jimmy Maurer showing us that he can definitely be the #1 ‘keeper after we let go our starter from last year. One point from 2 home games though, pretty dang abysmal.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Thank you Reggie!” - random fan shouting his support for hoops defender Reggie Cannon.

Were you one of the brave/patient few that stayed for the entire match live? Or were you one of us that stayed up at home, with coffee, and watched all the way through? Do you think this is actually Reggie Cannon’s last game for the boys in red and white? Let me know in the comments below!