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Ten French clubs that could be after FC Dallas’ Reggie Cannon

I delve into my vast knowledge of Ligue 1 to determine Reggie’s most likely destination.

FC Dallas v Nashville SC - MLS 2020 Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

First let me start by saying kudos to FC Dallas for keeping a tight lid on who is the club (or clubs) that is interested in acquiring Reggie Cannon.

All we have to go by is some strong rumors that the club involved is a Ligue 1 club. We also have Reggie hinting at his need to learn French, as the other big hint to his destination.

So let us delve into the vast knowledge of Ligue 1 at my finger tips, provided to me by Google Search, Wikipedia, Transfermarkt, and Twitter, just to name a few.

Disclaimer #1: My knowledge of Ligue 1 is just as good as your’s...that is unless you actually follow a team in Ligue which case I take that back.

Before we get started, let me address a couple of transfer rumors that linked Cannon to clubs outside of Ligue 1.

He was linked to Barnsley and that has all but gone by the wayside. Barnsley has resigned (to a loan) last season’s starting right back.

You can now breath a sigh a relief, or dance a little jig, secure in the knowledge that your worries of Reggie going to a bottom feeding Championship club are no more.

Cannon was at one time linked to Anderlecht...another French speaking team, but located in Belgium (I had to look that up). Clearly not a Ligue 1 team, and those rumors are so old I actually forgot about them.

Disclaimer #2: Ligue 2 teams are not being considered no. I may or may not have included a Ligue 2 team on here by mistake...I may or may not have included a team with a French sounding name on here by mistake.

Disclaimer #3: I may or may not have made up the reasons some of these teams are on the list. I mean, it’s really hard to come up with 10 teams.

Now, on to the Top 10 Ligue 1 Clubs Reggie Cannon is most likely headed to!

#10. PSG - PSG can pretty much buy anyone they want. Even if they don’t need him. That sounds like a pretty legit reason for them to make the Top 10.

I’m just 1 team in, and I already need a beer.

#9. Nimes Olympique- I mean these guys have the second worst returning defense from last years returning teams. They allowed 44 goals last season, and clearly need defensive help.

Who is the team with the worst returning defense? Those guys are ranked way higher.....duh!

#8. Olympic Lyonnais - The second most talented team last year, yet somehow managed to screw the pooch and finished 7th. They made bad roster decision, after bad roster decision last season. They don’t even need to add a right back this season...that would actually be a bad roster this move is right up their alley.

So apparently the full name of the league being Ligue 1 Uber Eats is not a joke. No, seriously, I’m not joking!

Disclaimer #4: This is a beer can half full article, so only the Pros are included for each team. I’ll leave the CONS up to you.

#7. FC Lorient - Promoted club that needs all the help it can get so it doesn’t get relegated back to Ligue 2.

Now that I’ve finished my beer, I feel bad. Like I should be drinking some with this write up. Dang it! I could have sworn I had some Merlot in my liquor cabinet!

#6. RC Lens - The other promoted club, except these guys are really making an effort to add talent that will keep them in Ligue 1 next season, so they’re ranked higher.

Now we’re getting to the meat of the rankings. By now you are clearly impressed by this very well researched write up.

#5. AS Saint-Etienne - This team barely escaped relegation last season. This season they have informed their older players they are no longer needed. This is a team that is looking to rebuild around a young core. Sounds like the kind of team that would want Reggie’s services.

I had to look up all the long names for these clubs. Otherwise when you look at names like Lens, Nimes, and Nice, it looks like I’m just pulling names out of a hat and saying “Yup, that word sounds French!”.

#4. FCG Bordeaux - Allowed the most goals last season (returning clubs), so they really need help. Combined with the fact that they are willing to dig deep into their wallets to get help, makes them an ideal candidate to add Cannon.

You know, I actually know a French person or two. Maybe I should have asked them for help with this article? Speaking of French people I know..........

#3. Montpellier HSC - Our friend @FCDallasFR1 keeps saying this club needs help at Reggie’s position. Shoot! That right there is reason enough for Montpellier to make the Top 3!

Disclaimer #5: A very reputable and trusted source was used to verify that all the clubs listed in these rankings, can actually afford to sign Cannon. Source: FIFA 20

#2. OGC Nice - A Top 4 contender in Ligue 1, Nice is managed by Patrick Viera, who has first hand knowledge of what Cannon brings to the table from his days managing in MLS. Nice is also expected to lose some of their defensive talent, and their likely starter at RB/RWB has a reputation for being highly susceptible to injury.

I can’t actually believe I found 10 teams for this rankings. We started from the bottom now we’re here...thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week!

#1. AS Monaco - Monaco is tied for the second worst defense (returning clubs) from last season. Monaco is seen as a mid table team who is a dark horse contender, with the means to add more talent. Monaco is managed by Niko Kovac who has knowledge of Reggie Cannon through the partnership between FC Dallas and his former club, Bayern Munich. AS Monaco is currently in the midst of a rebuilding stage, where adding young talent like Cannon is at a premium.

As an added bonus, AS Monaco averages just under 9k fans for attendance, so Reggie should feel right at home.

So there you have it. What are your thoughts on the rankings? Are you excited Reggie may be moving to France? Can you even find France on a map? Do any of the teams listed here excite you? Please let me know.


Feel free to let me have it, if you disagree with my view/representation of any teams listed here.

Disclaimer #6; No French names were butchered in the writing of this article...they may have been maimed a little, but they will survive.