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Big D After Dark Is Back

Join us Monday night for a post-game time of conversation, banter, and gossip as we break down a week of FC Dallas action, live on Youtube.

Update: We are postponing the live show tonight to tomorrow (Monday) at 9:00 PM CST on our regular channels. Come and join us to break down the late, late, late, late match tonight.

Hey, Big D fam, with the season back in action, it’s time for Big D After Dark to brush off the live-streaming cobwebs and bring our banter and passion back into action.

If you haven’t heard of us before, Big D After Dark is our weekly live streaming show, now on Youtube. We usually go live post-game or around 9-10 PM EST (based on the schedule) each Sunday evening to break down FC Dallas results and news. From time to time, we welcome a special guest to help us focus our conversation and offer extra insight. We always take your comments live and post them in the livestream.

Your Hosts

I (Nathan Hill) serve as the host and tech guru on this outfit.

Ben Lyon is our resident USMNT hot take specialist.

Jose Carmona brings the latest rumors and North Texas SC buzz.


We are planning to go live this Monday super late (see note above), around 9:00 PM CST/10:00 PM EST, but since you might be working from home it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Stay up with us and toss in your thoughts and reactions.

You can get set by subscribing to the BigD Youtube channel.

You can also watch our last episode featuring Bobby Warshaw.

We have no idea what to expect Sunday from this team after the disappointment on Wednesday night, so get ready for some fire and woe or joy and weeping.

Topics for Sunday Night

1 - What is with the 5-3-2, and why is it so bad?

2 - Will Reggie Cannon get sold? Does Barnsley have a Chipotle? Who will start at right back in his absence?

3 - What kind of changes is Coach Luchi looking to make to this team?

4 - Black lives matter. How can we support Reggie, Fafa, and others?

5 - We are getting a No. 10. What does this mean for FC Dallas?

6 - Was it a mistake to let fans back into the stadium?

And more...

Get started by firing off some questions below or offering suggestions. One lucky fan may be brought on live to join the broadcast later on. I’m not kidding.

See you Monday at 9 PM CST/10 PM EST!

When the lights go dim, we go live!