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FC Dallas vs Nashville SC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

Here are all the facts from the loss on Wednesday night.

FC Dallas dropped their first game of 2020 in their return to play after five months away from the field due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nashville SC picked up their first win in club history in the process, with a 1-0 decision thanks to a David Accam goal.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

On Kobra’s fitness levels...Kobra was injured for over two weeks. He was only able to train for a few days. He wasn’t in his rhythm and physically he wasn’t ready for this game to play 90 minutes. He has worked hard to recover, and he is back but not 100%.

On what changes can be done for Sunday...We have multiple options in our team. Franco [Jara] took advantage during the week and worked hard. It’s nice because we have options. We need to score goals at home. We need to generate more crosses and more shots. We want to have higher numbers in those two areas so that way we can have the opportunity to score more goals. Well that’s soccer for you. We need to learn how to prevent counter attacks. Nashville makes quick transitions, and when we don’t take care of the ball it can be costly. We need to have a better control of the moment, I know it’s things we can work on and improve on. We will work to prevent situations like that again.

FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon

General thoughts on the game...“We have to be more together, they just out worked us today. They got one half chance and put it away. I thought our build was great, I thought our transitions were good. But that’s all it takes, one counter goal. As unfortunate as it is, we have to be more deadly in our front free. I think it’s about finding that balance and running for each other. We still have guys still getting in shape so we have to just take it for what it is and get ready for Sunday.”

On the new 3-5-2 formation...“Just talking about my new role in this formation, part of it is to be more deadly because the fullbacks are the ones pushing ahead and creating the opportunities that we have. Unfortunately tonight, Nashville had a very good, solid defense. We were creating chances but just not getting that final touch. That’s been the story in many games, we just have to find it and when it clicks, it clicks. Honestly this formation revolves around the fullbacks: They’ve got to do the most, run the most and be the most active. We take that on our shoulders and try to be better on Sunday.”

FC Dallas forward Franco Jara

On his return to play with his new club...We waited so long to play, and to start off with a loss is something we didn’t want. We must be calm and make ourselves aware of our mistakes and what we can improve on. This is just getting started, on Sunday we have the opportunity to redeem ourselves. We need to be in our best game possible.

On what the team could improve on…We need to make ourselves more solid at home. We know that if we are home, we must end with the three points at the end of the game. We need to be intense, and we need to put pressure as a team. Like I said earlier, after a long wait this is our first game back and there are things we can improve. There are more games ahead, we must take it a step at a time to win games.

On the team’s unity…This team is united in all moments. We are disappointed with how the game played out. All my teammates and coaching staff had the mentality to start off with a win. It wasn’t able to happen, it wasn’t our best game. I think we just now have to think about our next game.

On the Texas heat affecting his playstyle…I need to adapt to this heat and this rhythm of the game. It’s not an excuse but it’s been over 170 days since I’ve last played a competitive game. I will be working on my rhythm step by step, and I think it’s a little disappointing to not finish out the game for my team. But I will work to be in my best form and to be up top with my teammates. That is my goal to get in the best shape possible.