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An unnamed FC Dallas player tests positive for COVID-19

So about that return to play...

Just as things appeared to be getting back on track for the 2020 season to resume at some point this summer, a new bit of information has come to light that may want us to rethink some how quickly that does happen.

An unnamed FC Dallas player has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Currently, MLS does not test players or staff for the virus that has caused a global pandemic. MLS President Mark Abbott told reporters on a conference call on Wednesday that league-wide testing would begin as part of the third phase of the league’s training program, which would allow full group practices.

FC Dallas was off on both Monday and Tuesday for rest but did not resume today as scheduled due to this new case. The club did announce that all players and staff who came potentially came into contact with the affected player are being tested.

This is all on the heels of a new MLS CBA being ratified by the players today. MLS is expected to release plans for their tournament in Orlando later this summer but hearing that one more positive case has appeared in the league at this stage may add another wrinkle to things.