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Franco Jara discusses joining FC Dallas and the MLS is Back Tournament

The veteran forward is excited to get to work, learn the league and lead the FC Dallas.

Newly signed Designated Player Franco Jara participated in his first training on Tuesday with FC Dallas. The veteran forward looks to make in immediate impact on the field for his new club after being one of the top goal scorers in Mexico with Pachuca.

Following the training session, the he joined a group of reporters on Zoom for his first press conference where he discussed his desire to come to MLS, FC Dallas and what his thoughts are on the MLS is Back tournament.

Like most foreign players, Jara was excited to come to MLS for a few reasons that will impact his family in the long run.

“Obvious, one might not recognize it, but I’ve wanted to have an experience in MLS beyond economic reasons,” explained Jara. “I also thought about it from my family’s perspective, for my children. A good education more than anything, so that was one of the decisions.“

Jara comes in as the club’s highest paid player and will be tasked with leading the attack. He understands the pressure that is being placed upon him and knows once he gets settled with the club that he’ll be able to do a lot.

“I don’t know if it’s called pressure,” stated Jara. ”I don’t feel that way. Throughout my career I have set goals of doing things in the best way possible. Today my goal is to give lots of joy and return the confidence they showed to bring me to this team. I’m going to work to be at 100%, no matter the economics. My goal is to give the club as much joy as possible and make everyone as happy as possible.”

Now that he is training with the club ahead of the Orlando tournament, he is learning about his Group B opponents and how things could go in Florida for the club.

“The truth that they have told me a little bit about the whole situation,” said Jara. “I have wondered which are the most difficult teams, which one they want to beat more than others. But although I have been here for a week, I still need to learn many things. The important thing and what I want the most is to get in shape so that I am ready and available for the coach.

“I personally love the format that they are using, I love it because you can see who’s a competitive player. Also, knowing that you have three games to qualify in a short amount of time and then there’s direct elimination in the knockout stages, it motivates oneself to be at 100% from the start. I still don’t have all the tournament details, but the format that is going to be used is similar to the World Cup so that makes me happy.”