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FIFA 2020: FC Dallas goes for the Treble

FC Dallas makes a run in the FA Cup, UEFA Europa League, and the English Championship!

Welcome to Season 3: Episode 4 of the FC Dallas FIFA 20 play through.

  • In Season 3: Episode 1, FC Dallas made some massive additions to the roster, finalizing the squad that would carry us to mid season. The club also began the first month of English Championship play and qualified for the UEFA Europa League group stage.
  • In Season 3: Episode 2, FC Dallas won Group G in UEFA Europa League group stage and completed the first 4 months of English Championship play.
  • In Season 3: Episode 3. FC Dallas solidified its position on the league table, and finalized the roster that will carry the team to glory for the remainder of the season.

In this episode, FC Dallas goes for the Treble!

Note: This is a Clean Play Through. This means no shenanigans are allowed at all, and we’ll have to roll with the punches as they come.

FA Cup run!

Before we start, here is a reminder of the lineup that will lead the charge through the FA Cup and through UEFA Europa League:

FC Dallas entered the Round of 16 against Derby County, and were forced to go to PKs following a 0-0 conclusion to the match. FC Dallas would go on to win 2-0 on PKs.

In the Quarterfinals, FC Dallas ran head first into Chelsea. Rekeem Harper would step up for his team:

Harper’s goal would be the game winner as FC Dallas would hold on for dear life and advanced to the FA Cup Semifinals with a 1-0 win.

Next, FC Dallas would meet Brighton Hove Albion, who would force FC Dallas into yet another scoreless draw. The match would end up going to PKs:

FC Dallas would go on to earn a 2-1 win on PKs. For those of you keeping track, FCD has won their last three FA Cup matches, despite only scoring one goal during that span.

FC Dallas advances to the FA Cup Final, where mighty Liverpool awaits. We’ll discuss that match later because first we need to talk about...

UEFA Europa League run!

FC Dallas vs. Fiorentina

FC Dallas traveled to Fiorentina (Italy) for the 1st Leg of their Round of 32 series. For this match, I had to rest Paxton Pomykal, so I take full control of Rekeem Harper in the box-to-box midfielder role. Being that this is the first match in the knockout stage, I have decided to simply show you the entire start of the match, right up until the first goal is scored. Be advised there was a one-minute pause in the middle of the video:

Jesus Ferreira’s goal would be the winner as FC Dallas would hold on for a 1-0 win.

The 2nd Leg would take place at WhataBurger Arena. FC Dallas would waste little time in delighting the home fans:

Jesus wasted little time reminding Fiorentina who is the danger man for FC Dallas but that was just the beginning of what would become a goal onslaught:

And another:

Fiorentina got one back before the end of the first half, but Jesus wasted little time in killing their momentum in the second half:

Jesus followed his tournament leading 11th goal, with a final big play.

FC Dallas advanced on an aggregate 6-1 score.

FC Dallas vs. Borussia Monchengladbach

FC Dallas again has to travel for the 1st Leg of their series and is again met with a very hard fought match that is decided by one goal:

For the 2nd Leg, FC Dallas once again puts on a show in front of the home fans:

Sambi Lokonga, who scored the game winner in the 1st Leg, opens up the flood gates for FC Dallas:

That was goal #12 for Jesus, and then he follows it with goal #13, which displays his excellent 1 vs. 1 skills inside the box:

Jesus wasn’t done scoring goals:

FC Dallas would advance to the UEFA Europa League Quarterfinals to face mighty AC Milan.

FC Dallas vs. AC Milan

In what was supposed to be a tense and close match, it didn’t take long for FC Dallas to knock down AC Milan’s defensive walls:

Camavinga then tacked on a second goal to end the first half:

If AC Milan had any ideas of mounting a rally, Ferreira slammed the door shut with his 15th goal:

FC Dallas would win by a 4-0 final in the 1st Leg.

In the 2nd Leg back at WhataBurger Arena, AC Milan received the same kind of welcome as those that came before them, as Jesus wasted little time scoring his 16th goal:

Jesus then got an assist on the next goal:

FC Dallas would also win the 2nd Leg by a 4-0 score, and advanced with an 8-0 aggregate thumping of AC Milan.

FC Dallas vs Arsenal

The 1st Leg at Arsenal was a snooze fest, as nobody could get anything going, with the game ending in a 0-0 draw.

Leg 2 saw FC Dallas return home and waste little time returning to playing dominant soccer:

Harper would then get the assist on the next goal:

FC Dallas would tack on a couple more goals for a 4-0 win, advancing to the final against Lazio. But first...

English Championship Title run

At the end of the last episode we discussed how the race for the top spot in the Championship had become a two-horse race. It remained that way for the remainder of the season, forcing an eventual 1 vs. 2 showdown.

FC Dallas vs. West Bromwich Albion

Trailing by one point to the team they have been chasing the entire season, FC Dallas hosted West Brom. FC Dallas wasted little time taking full advantage of playing in front of a packed home stadium crowd:

Despite the early score, the game remained tight, then this happened:

That goal would seal the 2-0 victory, giving FC Dallas a two point lead. The bad news for FCD is that there were still two months of league play. West Brom would keep pace with FC Dallas right to the final week of league play. In the final three weeks of May, the FC Dallas schedule looked like this:

May 14 - FC Dallas vs. Derby County for the English Championship title

May 21 - FA Cup Final, FC Dallas vs. Liverpool

May 25 - UEFA Europa Legue Final, FC Dallas vs. Lazio

FC Dallas vs. Derby County, English Championship title match

I wanted to make sure that everyone could see that I wasn’t making up just how close the race for the top spot in the Championship really was. So here are the opening minutes of the match against Derby County, where the commentators discuss the importance of the match to the final standings:

Bozenik would demand to start and he would deliver the winning goal:

Leading to an FC Dallas celebration at the end of the match:

No sooner is FC Dallas done celebrating their new title, another title game arrives.

FA Cup Final, FC Dallas vs. Liverpool

Entering the final against Liverpool, Ferreira had yet to score a goal in FA Cup play. Hard to believe that the same player that was tearing up the UEFA Europa League, had yet to register a goal in the FA Cup. But with the match against Liverpool turning into a tough match where neither team gave ground, it was in fact Ferreira that delivered:

Doku wound soon add another goal:

FC Dallas would take a commanding 2-0 lead and the celebration would soon begin:

FC Dallas had now claimed their second trophy in as many weeks, and a third trophy was about to be contested four days later.

UEFA Europa League Final, FC Dallas vs. Lazio

The final would be a hard fought affair, with the match threatening to go to PKs. FC Dallas was forced to go to the bench as neither Josh Sargent nor a tired Ferreira could get any dangerous attempts on goal. Having a deep bench payed off, Bozenik entered the match late, coming off his goal winning performance in the FA Cup Final and delivered yet another game winner:

The celebration would soon follow:

FC Dallas claimed a Treble, and now has to look forward to playing in the Premier League and the Champions League next season.

Here are the final stats for the entire season.

Reggie Cannon was once again the Iron Man of the Season, with 55 matches played. The team MVP was pretty obvious:

I would normally post the final roster, but this write up has been long enough. I’m leaving the roster talk for the first episode of season 4 because we need to have a serious talk about the roster and the big changes that need to be made with Champions League in the teams future.

Let us know your thoughts, comments, criticisms, questions on this play through. Feel free to add any tips and tricks I failed to mention within the discussed portion of this episode.

See you next time, for Season 4: Episode 1, FC Dallas vs. The EPL