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Quick Burns: Which teams do you want FC Dallas to be grouped against in Orlando?

We know we’ll see at least LAFC, Seattle or Real Salt Lake. But what about the other two?

Connor Surdi

MLS is back folks! There is no greater joy at the moment than knowing we’re going to see some actual soccer again with FC Dallas in the coming weeks. The plans have been made and tomorrow the groups will be set.

Just like with a World Cup draw, we’ll learn who the other three teams FC Dallas will face off against in Orlando next month. We know for a fact that we’ll see one of the following teams: LAFC, Seattle Sounders or Real Salt Lake. Our team has come up with the groups they’d like to see FC Dallas slotted in. Let us know who you’d like to see FCD face below in our comments.

Jason Poon - FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake, Houston, Minnesota

I want Seattle at some point, but saving it for the knock out rounds as that feels more fitting. for some unfinished business. Houston for the sake of rivalry. Minnesota for poops and giggles. I’m not interested in facing LAFC at all. How do we relegate them out of this tournament?

Drew Epperley - FCD, Houston, SKC, and Seattle

Call me crazy but give me all the rivalries you can possibly squeeze into a group here. I would much rather see the team tested out in this situations now as they work on getting back to 100% fitness for the remainder of the season. Ramp up that intensity factor by a 100. Just do it.

Nathan Hill - Definitely Houston at least

Look, I'm with Drew. I want FC Dallas to go up against teams that are going to test these youngsters and show us what the team is capable of. FC Dallas should be up for a game against Seattle with unfinished business from the last playoffs. SKC is always juicy and fun. Houston will really kick the season off. Because this weird group stage format means anything can happen, why not start back with three games that will really matter and challenge this squad to take the next steps?

El Chico Carmona - The Group of Death

My fellow writers are seeing this through traditional eyes, that determine the groups by proximity (i.e. Regional). This would make sense if teams wanted to minimize travel and highlight rivalries.

Guess what? Nobody has to worry about travel. So expect MLS to protect LAFC and Seattle, by placing them in groups they can win.

This means FC Dallas will end up in the RSL Group, with fellow unbeatens (in 2020) Sporting KC, and Minnesota United. The group will have a combined 5-0-3 record which should make good group drama.

Plus any losses accumulated by the teams in the group will only help to make sure that LAFC and Seattle move up the overall Western Conference standings.

Jack Rouse - FCD, Seattle, San Jose, Vancouver

These are three teams that Dallas has struggled to get results against in recent history. In this topsy turvy season, I can’t ask for anything more than hard fought matches. There’s always going to be an asterisk next to the MLS Cup winner this season, so we might as well see the youngins build mental resiliency as they battle through a different schedule, oppressive Miami heat, a pandemic, and everything else that’s going on in the world right now.

Jeff Loftin - FCD, RSL, Houston, Vancouver

Three teams that I would feel confident in our ability to beat both home and away. That is what I am looking for in this scenario, and frankly this would be about the best draw possible for us. I think Houston will need 25 games to get up to speed with a new system, coaching staff, etc. and Vancouver is well, going to struggle in a lot of ways. All of that being said, I think that FCD could also finish 3rd or 4th in this group depending on when and how often the team decides to play like garbage. Hopefully that is not going to be a factor and the boys will make it through as the group winners.