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Big D Daily: News for Monday, June 1, 2020

It is June folks. June.

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Some how, some way, we’ve made it to a new month. March was painfully slow when things got started. April was incredibly fast in comparison. May was...interesting. But hey, we’re in June and soccer may be on the horizon again, which is all we care about.

// FC Dallas //

Franco Jara wishes Pachuca goodbye as he makes his way to FC Dallas - Big D Soccer
For those worried about him not coming this summer, you can put that to rest. At least it appears he is leaving Pachuca at this point.

MLS Clubs to Begin Voluntary Small Group Training Sessions - Big D Soccer
No word yet from FC Dallas as to when they'll begin doing this, but knowing them they'll wait a few days to see how others do it first.

Former FC Dallas Homegrown Chris Richards scores game-winner for Bayern Munich II |
Richards has looked good since German soccer resumed play.

// MLS //

Lockout looms as MLS push back on latest offer from Major League Soccer Player Association | ESPNFC
The MLSPA has announced that it voted to approve its latest counteroffer but, according to multiple sources, MLS has already pushed back. Oh boy.

MLS Players Association submits summer tournament, CBA proposal to MLS |
MLS players held a vote to submit a proposal to MLS regarding the league's return to play, as well as revisions to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

MLS Orlando plan blends players’ urgent concerns with youth tournament memories – The Athletic
A one-off tournament in a single location may be a rarity in the pros, but plenty of MLS players have experience in that type of environment.

Can US Youth Soccer, MLS tackle “travel soccer” conundrum? | Charles Boehm |
Youth soccer is big business and with that comes a lot of costs that we tend to overlook.

Soccer Moses: The story behind Nashville SC's most famous supporter |
Soccer Moses and his sign reading "Let my people goal" became an instant sensation at Nashville SC's inaugural MLS game.

MLS' Charlotte franchise to reveal name in June, says team president | ESPNFC
The MLS expansion club in Charlotte will reveal its name in June. So there is that to look forward to here.