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Luchi Gonzalez discusses time frame for when FC Dallas will resume training

FC Dallas has submitted their request for players to resume individual training in Frisco.

MLS: Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer took one step closer to returning to action here this year as they continue to deal with the global pandemic that the coronavirus has caused around the world.

FC Dallas manager Luchi Gonzalez spoke to the media on Wednesday to discuss what the club is doing and how quickly they hope to get players back out on the training pitch this summer.

“We’ve been in touch with the league,” said Gonzalez during his weekly media call. “We are preparing our own protocol to have our players to train individually at the facility. It is not all said and done, I cannot give an exact date, but I am hopeful we can do this next week.”

Gonzalez continued to stress that nothing had been confirmed by the team or the league at this point for when they’ll officially see players back at the Toyota Soccer Center in Frisco.

The FC Dallas boss gave further details as to what all the club and their players have to do to get back on the training pitch.

“First of all, we have to have all of our safety measures in line with the league protocol,” explained Gonzalez. “For example, medical check-in station for the players. Even questionnaires for them to fill out before they come to the stadium. The players have to have masks, gloves. And when they remove them, they have to sanitize their hands.”

Gonzalez also shared that they can only have four players at a time on the field, with each assigned to their own section of the field. The players also cannot venture into each other’s sections during the training sessions too.

The little details involved are pretty massive for FC Dallas to deal with to make this right for their players too. Gonzalez stated that if a ball goes from one player’s section to another, that a staffer has to be on hand to get the ball and sanitize it before it can be used again.

Dallas had the option to begin allowing players to train today like Sporting Kansas City, Atlanta United, Inter Miami, Orlando City or Houston Dynamo. Instead, FC Dallas opted to wait and learn first.

“It was a possibility for us,” said Gonzalez. “We wanted to get feedback and learn from how other’s experienced may have gone this week, to make the best decision for what works best for us.”

Gonzalez further explained that thanks to the technology the team is using right now to monitor players at home, they feel confident that players are doing what they need to do right now to stay in shape.