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FIFA 2020: FC Dallas continues English Championship run

FC Dallas looks to improve the team’s position in the English Championship, and begins FA Cup play.

Welcome to Season 3: Episode 3 of the FC Dallas FIFA 20 play through.

In Season 3: Episode 1, FC Dallas made some massive additions to the roster, finalizing the squad that would carry us to mid season. The club also began the first month of English Championship play and qualified for the UEFA Europa League group stage.

In Season 3: Episode 2, FC Dallas won Group G in UEFA Europa League group stage and completed the first 4 months of English Championship play.

Note: This is a Clean Play Through. This means no shenanigans are allowed at all, and we’ll have to roll with the punches as they come.

English Championship

FC Dallas began the month of December with a big 3-1 win over Huddersfield. The win set up a big showdown at Norwich, the highest scoring team in the Championship. FC Dallas would draw a penalty early in the match:

That missed PK would return to haunt FC Dallas, as Norwich would score a late winner off a set piece.

FC Dallas would then real off a five-match win streak to finish the month of December still two points behind West Bromwich Albion.

January saw FC Dallas start FA Cup play and the start of the transfer window. FC Dallas real off four more wins in league play to extend their winning streak to nine matches at the end of the month. Despite the winning streak, FC Dallas still found itself two points behind West Bromwich Albion, in what has now become a two team race for the league title.

Transfer Window

With the start of the transfer window, FC Dallas has $10 million in the transfer budget and makes their first contract expiry signing of the play through. With the young team’s veteran leader Zdenek Ondrasek retiring at the conclusion of this season, we will need a veteran leader to take Cobra’s place next season. A big welcome back to club legend and the team’s very first contract expiry signing:

Matt Hedges signs a deal that will see him retire in an FC Dallas uniform. The deal is a team friendly Sporadic Contract, that ensures Hedges will be the team’s emergency center back.

The team is very happy with the top 11 players on the roster (The Tournament Team), but have seen shaky play from the next 11 (The Championship Team). So the decision is to simply strengthen the Championship team by selling the player that is easiest to replace (wing player Nani Madauke) and selling the lowest rated player on an Important Contract (midfielder Joris Chotard). Latero Valenti, who was signed earlier this season to an Important Contract, has been surpassed by two of the young center backs on the roster and will be swapped for a better player.

Tips & Tricks #1: Wing players who are young, fast, highly rated, and cheap are dime a dozen in FIFA. So if you are ever hard up for for cash, simply sell one of your top young wing players for a ton of cash. You should be able to find a player that is on par with the wing player you sold, but available for a far cheaper amount.

Nani Madauke is sold for $31.9 million to Fulham. Joris Chotard is sold for 14.4 million to KA Gent. This means that FC Dallas now has over $50 million in the transfer budget and wastes little time in strengthening the team at multiple positions.

Jeremy Doku is signed for $9 million + Latero Valenti. Doku is a 77 rated 19 year old winger that offers everything FC Dallas lost when Nani Madauke was sold.

FC Dallas then pays the Release Clause on five players in an effort to improve the roster, with four of those players signed to Important Contracts.

  • Albert Sambi Lokonga is signed for $10.5 million. Lokonga is a 78 rated, 21-year old midfielder who will become the new defensive mid on the Championship team.
  • Cristian Ferreira is signed for $7.4 million. Ferreira is a 77 rated, 22-year old attacking mid, and will replace the now departed Chotard on the Championship team.
  • Juan Komar is signed for $8 million. Komar is a 77 rated, 25-year old center back, who replaces the departed Valenti in the starting rotation.
  • Mitchell van Bergen is signed for $10.6 million. Mitchell is a 78 rated, 22-year old right winger, who will now start on the Championship team.
  • German Valera is signed for $3.2 million. Valera is a 74 rated, 20-year old winger, who signs on a Rotation Contract and will be a super sub type.

When it’s all over, FC Dallas has spent $48 million to add players who have a combined market value of $80 million and still has $3 million in the transfer budget, which will be used in the final month of this season (June) to sign reserve players for next year.

Tips and Tricks #2: The only Contract Expiry players you should sign during the transfer window are key players that will significantly improve your starting rotation in the following year. You are better served to wait until the final month of the season to sign depth players who will sign on Rotation Contracts or less. The reason for this is that your younger players will have grown several rating points by then, and a player who would have commanded an Important Contract in the summer will be able to be acquired on a Rotation Contract once June arrives.

Tournament Team

Championship Team

It’s clear to see that there is very little drop off between the Tournament Team and the Championship Team. This should allow FC Dallas to mount a strong final push in all three of the competitions it is currently involved in.

FA Cup

FC Dallas begins FA Cup play to start January and plays a fully rotated squad at Bolton (League One). Expecting a cake walk against a team that is struggling at a Division below, FC Dallas ends up escaping with a 0-0 draw.

FC Dallas then hosts Bolton 11 days later and rolls out a far stronger line up at home. FC Dallas wastes little time scoring:

Reggie Cannon is next to get in on the action:

Finally, we see just how dominant Bozenik can be in the air as he heads in a cross from Josh Sargent:

FC Dallas advanced with the 3-0 win. In the next match, FC Dallas scored a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace to advance further in the FA Cup. This set FC Dallas up to make a deep run in the FA Cup, which we will cover in the next episode.

Let me know your thoughts, comments, criticisms, questions on this play through. Feel free to add any tips and tricks I failed to mention within the discussed portion of this episode.

See you next time, for Season 3: Episode 4.