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FIFA 2020: FC Dallas adds some hardware to the trophy case

FC Dallas finish dominant run through League One and pulls off a huge upset. Welcome to Season 2, Episode 3!

Welcome to Season 2: Episode 3 of the FC Dallas FIFA 20 play through.

  • In Episode 1, we covered FC Dallas’s run through preseason and the start of the League One regular season. We also finalized the roster that would see us through to mid-season.
  • In Episode 2, we delved right into the meat of League One play and made a run in the Carabao Cup. We also finalized the roster that carried us to the end of the season.

In this episode, we’re going to try and keep it short, as we make a quick transition to the English Championship.

Note: This is a Clean Play Through. This means no shenanigans are allowed at all, and we’ll have to roll with the punches as they come.

This will also be the final report that does not include video.

Minimum Roster Standards

Last season we raised the minimum roster standards after the summer transfer window, in anticipation of being promoted to a tougher league. This season, we must elevate those standards again, in anticipations of earning promotion to the English Championship. The scouts will have their search parameters raised to include players with an age up to 25 years old.

The new minimum roster standards are as follows:

16 years old - 64 rating
17 years old - 67 rating
18 years old - 69 rating
19 years old - 70 rating
20 years old - 71 rating
21 years old - 73 rating
22 years old - 74 rating
23 years old - 75 rating
24 years old - 76 rating
25 years old - 77 rating

You don’t need to clear out your transfer shortlist, you just have to remove any players from it, who no longer meet the new standards.

Tips and Tricks #1: The only players not meeting the new minimum standards, that you should keep on your transfer shortlist, are player who have a release clause well below their market value. These players should at least meet your old minimum standards. These are players that can be signed strictly for depth, and then eventually sold at great profit.

League One Dominance

FC Dallas met no resistance in League One. Even with the team rotating lineups through out the season, FC Dallas would not lose another match in League One play. FC Dallas would end the season as the top scoring team in League One and the best defensive team in League One.

Tips & Tricks #2: If you are running away with your league and can’t decide which match or matches you should skip, here is a tip or two.

  1. Skip all matches against teams in the relegation zone. These teams will not offer you any real competition, even in a simulated match.
  2. Skip all the matches against the bottom half teams of the league you are in. Often times, very little separates the mid-table teams from the bottom table teams, and a favorable outcome in a simulated match is a very high probability.
  3. Skip all the matches against teams outside of the promotion zone. The teams competing for a right to promote are likely the only competitive opponents you have left at this point in the season.

Carabao Cup Champions!

FC Dallas met Liverpool in the Carabao Cup Final. In a match dominated by Liverpool, Jesse Gonzalez was on top of his game, making save after save. Josh Sargent would score the eventual game winner at the start of the second half. The Liverpool attack was relentless until the end, as they did manage to score a would be equalizer (goal) that was ruled offside.

The Carabao Cup win means that FC Dallas will participate the UEFA Europa League Qualifiers next season.

FC Dallas also ran away with the Trophy, as recent signing Robert Bozenik started at center forward and scored a brace in the final.

In the FA Cup, FC Dallas made a run all the way to the semifinals. The semifinals saw a rematch against Liverpool, who would exact some revenge by eliminating FC Dallas with a 2-1 win. FC Dallas simply had no answer for Fabinho, who finished with a brace.

Season Recap

Just a quick look at how the roster looked at the end of the season, as we move on to the England Championship.

Tournament Team

Keep in mind that three players (Ferreira, Pomykal, and Ferguson) spent the second half of the season out on loan. It’s clear to see that the team’s biggest weakness is at center back, and adding a big time player in that position, will be the top priority going into the next transfer window.

League One Team

The second starting 11 was dominant in League One play, but this line up is not quite good enough to dominate at the next level. There will be several moves made to upgrade this group in the next transfer window.


Josh Sargent finished with 19 goals and 10 assists (33 matches).

Jesus Ferreira had 17 goals and 5 assists before being sent on loan.

Robert Bozenik finished with 14 goals (16 matches), and was simply dominant in the air, with most of his goals coming off headers or one touch volleys. Bozenik had 12 goals in 12 League One matches, while mostly coming off the bench (3 starts)

Rekeem Harper had 15 assists and 10 goals (41 matches), and excelled at maintaining possession in the attacking third.

Paxton Pomykal had nine assists and seven goals before being sent on loan.

Reggie Cannon was the iron man of the team, playing in 51 matches. Cannon simply has the best stamina on the team and was the most dominant defender on the team being involved in 34 clean sheets.

Jesse Gonzalez finished with 35 clean sheets in 54 matches played.

Let me know your thoughts, comments, criticisms, questions on this play through. Feel free to add any tips and tricks I failed to mention within the discussed portion of this episode.

See you next time, for Season 3: Episode 1