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Because, why not? Scouting potential goalkeeping prospects for FC Dallas

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Jesse Gonzalez is the no. 1, but it’s time for FC Dallas to get some young prospects in the pipeline to develop. Here are at least four prospects for FC Dallas to have on their list.

MLS: Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Though we ended the season before COVID-19 hit hard with a 2-2 draw with two lame goals snuck by the stalwart keeper, Jesse Gonzalez is the sure starter going forward for FC Dallas. He’s 24 years old and still has maturing, experience, and skill to improve in his already incredible game. I’m not suggesting that his job is in jeopardy, but it is good that FC Dallas has a couple of veterans like Kyle Zobeck and Jimmy Maurer behind Jesse to push him here and there.

Still, it’s possible Jesse gets looked at by a European team who wants to have success in their GK position with a guy who is ready for the next step and eager to cement his place with the national team.

That opens the door for some youngsters coming up out of the academy or for FC Dallas to look far and wide for some potential prospects to bring her. After scouring the internet and interviewing obscure scouts from every continent in painstaking detail, I want to recommend a few potential talents that could be ready to compete for a backup spot or help out North Texas SC’s championship defense.

No. 4 Prospect

Unfortunately, this prospect, nicknamed “Tigger” by teammates, remains a bit of a mystery. Still, the potential and talent is unmistakable in this short match replay video. We can see both good technique and bounce in response to the shot, the kind of reflexes that have a few Premier League scouts intrigued. However, word is that off the field issues, including a generally cantankerous attitude, could limit growth. Still, a prospect for FC Dallas to keep an eye on and do their due diligence, right?

No. 3 Prospect

Yes, this prospect, nicknamed “Indy” by teammates for an archaeology side hustle that has caused a few problems in the locker room, garners a solid amount of buzz. Clearly, an excellent hype video helps with acrobatic saves, excellent leg posture, and solid technique on display. This prospect is good at becoming big when needed. I’m impressed every time I see these highlights, but is there a reason Indy has never been able to stay in one academy for long and break into the first team? Practice highlights are great, but the rumors persist that Indy is often distracted on side errands across the globe. Could FC Dallas be a permanent landing spot for such a prospect?

No. 2 Prospect

Coming out of Japan, this up and coming prospect has garnered the attention of European giants Barcelona and Chelsea for the skill on display. Just look at the precision of that handwork? These high skill practice videos don’t always tell us how a prospect performs in the high stakes world of a 90 minute match, but they give us clues to how a keeper can parry saves and keep a team in a close one. Really, the skill and focus here are unparalleled. You love seeing this level of concentration. There is a rumor that this prospect, nicknamed “Azuki” by an old middle school coach, is considering an alternate career path in hockey. Could FC Dallas convince Azuki otherwise?

No. 1 Prospect

His friends nickname him “THE WALL” for his relentless athleticism, split second technique, and drive to be the best. Frankly, you aren’t going to find a hotter prospect with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid closely monitoring the youngster. Simply put, the prospect has the tools to be even greater than Jesse Gonzalez - athleticism, split second saves, patience, anticipation, charisma, and excellent body shape. By all accounts, the character is good here too - a decent housemate with a strong ambition streak. However, I’ve got it on good word that the Wall has a cousin in the DFW area and is a lifelong Cowboys fan. The pieces could fall into place for a move into the academy. If this happens, Jesse should start looking over his shoulder.

While my scouting was pretty thorough, I’ve surely missed a few prospects that FC Dallas should look at. Share any that I did and offer your scouting report on each of the prospects above. Maybe I’ve got FC Dallas looking in the wrong direction?