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FIFA 2020: FC Dallas closes out the first season with a title run

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We we close out the English regular season and earn some hardware. Welcome to Episode 6!

Welcome to Episode 6 of the FC Dallas FIFA 20 Play through.

  • In Episode 1, we discussed all the preparations that needed to to be made as we moved FC Dallas to the English pyramid.
  • In Episode 2, we had a very busy Day 1. Implementing many of the decisions made in the previous episode.
  • In Episode 3, we partook in the Preseason Friendly Tournament, won it, and made some roster moves.
  • In Episode 4, we started the season and finalized the roster that will carry us til mid season.
  • in Epidode 5, we limped our way to mid season, then finalized our roster in the summer transfer window.

Note: This is a Clean Play Through. This means no shenanigans are allowed at all, and we’ll have to roll with the punches as they come.

No injuries to report at the start of February and in fact we go the remainder of the season without any serious injuries. We endure a couple of injuries that knock out a player or two for less than a week, which are injuries not even worth reporting.

Note: As the Summer Transfer Window has closed, we stop all scouting. All scouting of players is stopped, no matter the progress. All players on the scouting queue are removed from the queue, and all scouts are recalled from the nations they are currently scouting. You should do this every season and we will discuss why this is necessary later in this episode.

We roll through our opposition, going on a nine game winning streak, setting up a final showdown against Colchester. When the decisive match finally arrives, FCD has a commanding six point lead over second place Colchester. This makes it a “must win match” for both teams. FCD starts their best available lineup. It is a close hard fought match but a second half Ferreira goal proves to be decisive. FCD defeats Colchester by a 1-0 score, opening up a big nine point lead on the entire league. The season is all but over.

Tips & Tricks #1: The week before the 1st of April, send your three best scouts to England, Germany, and France. By the time the month of April starts, your scouting reports should begin arriving. This will give you three months for your scouts to deliver up-to-date scouting reports on the best players available for next season. These three countries will always give you the biggest pool of players to scout. You leave three scouts open, so they can help scouting those three nations.

Tips & Tricks #2 & #3: You must raise your standards for players going on your Transfer Shortlist for next season. I advise your minimum standards for League One to be as follows:

17 yrs - 65 rating
18 yrs old - 68 rating
19 yrs old - 69 rating
20 yrs old - 70 rating
21 yrs old - 71 rating
22 yrs old - 72 rating
23 yrs old - 73 rating.

This will give you players that are ahead of the curve, and will progress nicely into the top leagues.

Question - I see a 19 year old player with a 68 rating that I really like, should I short list him?

Answer - Hell No! Stick to your guns! Set your standards and stick to them. Trust me, you will not have any issues convincing players to sign for your team in League One. Raising the standards will ensure that your team is ready to promote to a higher level.

FC Dallas coasts to the League Two title, winning the title by nine points. This is a lot closer than I expected, but the thin roster in the first half of the season had a lot to do with that. The league title was clinched with three matches remaining and I simulated the final three matches making sure the reserves got plenty of action.

Campos (back up GK) has gained 10+ points in his rating, since being promoted from the academy, and he starts 10 of the final 12 matches to accomplish the 2nd of our season objectives.

FC Dallas finishes with the top ranked attack and the top ranked defense. Cobra wins the Golden Boot with 23 goals scored, Pomykal leads League Two with 14 assists, and Maurer finishes 2nd in the league with 13 clean sheets. Ferreira finishes second on the team with nine goals scored. Harper finishes second on the team with nine assists. Campos, who started 10 matches, finishes second on the team with eight clean sheets.

Winning the League Two title accomplishes the 3rd of our season objectives and we finish the season as manager with an 83 approval rating.

Tips & Tricks #4: You should avoid promoting Youth Players the final three months of the season unless they demand to be promoted to the senior team. Signing a player for two seasons only to see the first season concluded after three months, is just a really bad business decision.

When I show you the final roster for our fist season of this play through, you will be blown away by how much this team has grown in just one season. Here is the final roster as we move forward into League One:

Nobody over the age of 28 years old, saw an increase in their rating. This means that all of their jobs are in jeopardy next season. Believe me, had this team been much younger across the board, you would have seen far more growth across the board than we have seen this season.

Thank you to all of you that tuned in for this season. There was a lot to cover this season, so six episodes were very necessary. Next season we will move up the English Pyramid and we will stream line the season into a three episode arc.

Let me know your thoughts, comments, criticisms, questions on this play through. Feel free to add any tips and tricks I failed to mention within the discussed portion of this episode.

See you next time, for Season 2: Episode 1