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Quick Burns: What is your favorite FC Dallas jersey that you own?

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Dallas has had some solid kits over the years, but which ones were our favorites to own?

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It is Jersey Week here at SB Nation and we’re going through all the FC Dallas jerseys from the past. Up first in our discussion of the club’s kits over the years is our favorite one that we own or wish we had owned.

Let us know which was your favorite owned FC Dallas jersey in the comments below.

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Jeff Loftin - 1998-99 white

I’m not a jersey person really, so I do not own any FC Dallas/Dallas Burn jerseys. That said, I still have favorites and my most favorite all-time jersey is the 1998-99 white jersey with the gold/green hoops. I know that this likely will not be a popular pick but it always seemed so...different and just great to me. If I were to buy an FC Dallas or Burn top this would be the one I’d get. I also love the offset numbers, that always appealed to me for no specific reason.

1998-1999 Dallas Burn white jersey with “wasabi” hoops and Burn wordmark.
FC Dallas / 3rd Degree

Drew Epperley - 2006 Tigres 3rd Kit

This one is certainly off the beaten path for me. I do love the road blue kit from 2015-16 a good bit too but I think this 2006 kit still holds a special place in my jersey collection as it was the first one I bought when I moved to Dallas after college. And yes, I have it with Carlos Ruiz on the back too, which is even better. Hell, it may be a must if you own that kit.

Jason Poon - 2015 Away

This is just the one I own, but I’m with Jeff here. The 1998-99 away kit is my all-time favorite but I’ve struggled to find one on the interwebs that’s my size. Anyways...

The 2015 blue hoops is my favorite from the FC Dallas era and the one that I own that I love.

There’s also a small back story to it, as FCD was running a sale on it during that home game against Toronto and I had Scott Hiney go pick one up for me. In case you don’t remember, that was the game that was delayed by like 8,432 hours because a monsoon decided to go by Frisco and the game ended at 2 a.m. or some ungodly hour. But even still, Scott still managed to snag one for me, kept it nice and dry and shipped it to me. So the extra drama behind getting that jersey also makes it a little more special.

Nathan Hill - 2017/2018 Away Kit

I’m really onboard with Jason above - the 2015 away jersey was probably my favorite kit of all time. Though, I’m not particularly that much into them. However, I’ve always enjoyed when the kits look a little different. I mean, it’s nice every other year or so to try something different, to shake things up. Case in point, the 2018/2019 alternate jersey:

The Stars of Texas backdrop was nice. Modern. Simple.

Could it have used something else? Sure, but this kit felt sort of like a nice palate cleanser to open the door to future designs. It’s also on sale right now on the FC Dallas shop. Hmm.