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FIFA 2020: FC Dallas play through, Day 1

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Day 1 is the busiest day of any play through. Welcome to Episode 2!

Welcome to Episode 2 of the FC Dallas FIFA 20 Play through.

In Episode 1, we discussed all the preparations that needed to to be made as we moved FC Dallas to the English pyramid.

In this episode, we will carry out some of those preparations and we will make several immediate additions. Before we make any moves, a quick reminder of the budget available:

This will be a longer read than the first episode, simply because there is so much to do on the first day and so much to cover.

Scouts, Scouts, and more Scouts

The first order of business is to fill out the open scout positions on the team. There are three open Youth Scout openings, and two open Talent Scout openings. The three open youth scout openings are the most pressing need, and we will add the three best available (on day 1) that money can buy.

The best three youth scouts available turn out to be not half bad. Two of the scouts end up being eight star scouts at a cost of $2.3 million each. We get lucky with the third youth scout, as he ends up being a nine star scout at a cost of $3.6 million. That’s $8.2 million spent on youth scouts alone. With the need to add a lot of bodies to the roster (we will need around 19), only about half will be realistically added through the transfer market, so the youth scouts will have to provide a lot of bodies. This is money well spent.

Tips & Tricks #1: Don’t send your youth scouts out on the first day of the month if you are planning to use a lot of tricks in your play through. The first day of the month has a lot of things going on, it will make it a lot harder and a lot more time consuming to use some of possible tricks available to you, some of which we will discuss in later episodes.

Down to $14 million on the transfer budget, signing the two open talent scouts is not a big a priority. Still, it is best to fill out those two spots. So I decide that I need to keep at least $10 million for player acquisitions. This means I have $4 million available to add two talent scouts.

Tips & Tricks #2: The best scouts will find way more players to scout, than the four and five star scouts. The best (more expensive) scouts will also scout players far faster than the cheaper scouts. So your long term goal should be to have all your scouts (both youth and talent) eventually be the best that money can buy.

I sign the best talent scout available, who turns out to be a nine star scout at a cost of $3.1 million. The final scout is just a body to fill out the open spot, and is just a four star scout at a cost of $102,000. This leaves us with a remaining transfer budget of just under $11 million.

Tips & Tricks #3: You don’t want to buy the best talent scouts right away. There is a possibility that you will have a lot of money left over in your transfer budget at the end of the season. Should you find yourself with funds to spare at the end of the year, this money can be used to upgrade your talent scouts at that time.

We’re not done yet.

As I understand, a lot of talent has to be acquired. I take a peek at the regular season first month schedule. It turns out to be a brutal schedule, with seven matches to play within a 22 day span. That will require me to dig deep into the roster if I want to avoid fatigue related injuries. I only really have 20 players on the roster (original roster) that I am confident can perform at this level and I will need to play 14 players every three days for most of the first month.

I also need to accomplish this while actively trying to loan out or transfer two-thirds of the roster..........yeah, that schedule will be quite brutal.

With the possibility that the team will be battling serious fatigue early in the season due to the crowded schedule, I decide to add a player right away. I buy the Future Star perk, which deploys a youth scout to go find a youth player for your Youth Academy. The youth scout will return on the first day of the next month with a high upside young player, and he will be immediately promoted to the senior roster regardless of what position he plays and regardless of his rating.

Here are the search parameters I’m using for the talent scouts:

We need a lot of talent, so I won’t limit the positions to search for here. I will also change the contract to more than two years since I have the necessary funds to sign most young players.

Tips & Tricks #4 & #5: If you don’t have a big budget available to you, make sure you set the contract year to one. This will make sure that your scouts only find players on their final year of their contract and thus far more affordable than players with multiple years left on their contract.

Make sure you send your talent scouts to the countries with the best leagues first. This will yield you the largest amount of talent to scout (England, Germany, France, Spain, & Italy).

Free Agents

Scouting free agents right away is crucial at this level, as it can yield affordable players who will give you significant minutes. You may even find a starter or two if you’re lucky. I don’t deploy my best scout right away, so that he can focus on scouting the available Free Agent pool (only the 23 years and younger players), and he can do it quickly. The hope is that the Free Agent pool will yield four or more players to add to the roster.

Tips & Tricks #6: It is very important that you scout the Free Agents as quickly as possible (six to eight days is ideal), before other teams snap up the best available ones. The more players you are scouting, the longer it will take to scout them all. For this reason, after you have selected every player available to scout, take a look at their stats. If a player you are scouting does not have any green colored stats, then stop scouting this player at this time. This will allow only the best looking free agents to be scouted and will decrease the amount of time it takes to scout them all. I’d also shortlist these players right away, so you can receive a warning message if a team has made an offer to any of those players.

Just a couple of things left to do...

In Episode 1 we talked about the roster decisions for this season. It’s time to enact those decisions. A third of the roster is transfer listed and a third of the roster is made available to go on loan. The remaining third of the roster is designated as Blocked from loan or transfer offers.

Finally, there are five open training sessions. I use my five training sessions to train my five young studs on the roster (Pomykal, Ferreira, Cannon, Tessman, and Cerrillo). I will use all of my training sessions in the first month to train only these five players.

Let me know your thoughts, comments, criticisms, questions on this play through. Feel free to add any tips and tricks I failed to mention within the discussed portion of this episode.

See you next time, for Episode 3: Preseason