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FIFA 2020: Playing with FC Dallas

Let us explore the joys of playing Manager Career mode with FC Dallas in FIFA 20.

FC Dallas v Montreal Impact - MLS 2020 Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Now that we know MLS will not be returning until June 8 at the earliest, we have plenty of time to do other miss MLS.

I’m going to spend my time like many fans, playing FIFA 20. Well, that is to say, I have actually been playing FIFA 20 since before this whole thing started. I’m going to have more time to will you.

Since I now find myself with added time, I plan to start a brand new play through with FC Dallas.

Starting from the ground up, I will report on how it’s going and give play through tips along the way.

First, let us take a look at that roster:

Starters and key reserves


The Good News - That’s a solid 18. This team has speed to burn at all but four positions. With two of those positions being the center back tandem, that’s pretty good. You do have some speed deficiency with Cobra, but you can always start Jesus Ferreira up top with Paxton Pomykal in the attacking midfielder spot. That leaves Thiago Santos and Ryan Hollingshead as the only two slow players and you can minimize that issue by adjusting the formation so Santos can play as the lone deep lying midfielder.

The Bad News - Past the top 18 players there is really no help. The players you do have are too slow and their potential is crap. So your bench needs some serious work. As a true fan, that means cutting or trading away many of those fan favorite young guys.

The next thing that needs to be done - the most important one - is to decide what kind of play through. Here are the options:

  1. MLS play through - There’s nothing fancy here, just a straight play through with minor tweeks to the roster. One or two impact signings would be made and depth added.
  2. I move FCD to the bottom of the pyramid in one of the top four leagues in the world. This would give me time to build the team up to be competitive once the team gets to the top flight. Let’s call those options 2A through 2D.

A. Spanish Pyramid - FCD will be immediately competitive in the Spanish D2 and will have the biggest budget of any D2 team. Changes would consist of making additions to the team that will make you competitive once you promote to the top flight. That means replacing Hollingshead, Santos, and adding depth pieces that have really good potential for growth, and I mean growth to the point they can push current starters for their job within the year.

B. Italian Pyramid - This is exactly the same as the Spanish Pyramid.

C. German Pyramid - This will consist of an advanced makeover of the team. FC Dallas will be the heavy favorite to dominate Division 3 and earn promotion. FCD also has the biggest budget to boot, and it’s not even close. You essentially have two years to get your team ready to compete in the Bundesliga. You only really need an average rating of around 68 to compete for the title, which means any older player with a 69 rating or above will need to be sold or loaned out. That’s most of the starting lineup, and that means signing a lot of young players with potential to fill their spots.

D. English Pyramid - This is the extreme makeover edition. FC Dallas will be considered a shoe-in to waltz through League 2 and the budget is outrageous for this level. Since you have a full three years to retool the team before you have to deal with the Premier League, there is a ton of work to be done with the roster. You only really need to have around a 65 rating to compete for the title, so any player above the age of 21 with a rating 65 or over, would have to be loaned out or sold. Unlike the other pyramids, you will have to compete in four different tournament. Those tournaments being League 2, the Carabao Cup, the FA Cup, and the Leasing Cup. Since FC Dallas will be the favorite to win the Leasing Cup (only League 1 and League 2 teams), this means that you will have to deal with fatigue unless you have a deep roster. So you need to add a lot of young bodies to your roster.

Those are the options available:


What kind of playthrough would you like to see?

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  • 8%
    Spanish Pyramid
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  • 4%
    Italian Pyramid
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  • 20%
    German Pyramid
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  • 52%
    English Pyramid
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Please let me know which play through you’d like to see. Or feel free to voice any opinions on the subject.