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East Stand View: Dollar Hot Dog and Beer Night!

FC Dallas took a page from the Texas Rangers, and threw in beer!

MLS: Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s a better way to bring fans to the stadium other than giving out free tickets, $1 beer and $1 hot dogs has got to be close to the top. It was a great day to be out to watch FC Dallas play a team coached by Thierry Henry. The announcer at Toyota Stadium has decided this season to start letting the crowd say the last name of the players, which, while great in theory and what they do in other stadiums....might take some time to catch on...

Last Names of Players

It was similar in the first game of the season, and I believe they’ve tried it before in the past. The announcer at the stadium, when announcing player names for the starting line up, or goal scorer and assisting player on a goal, is now letting the crowd say the last name. It’s a nice thing when the crowd is wise to the player names. It’s kinda confusing when the casual fans are trying to hear who scored the goal and instead get a low murmur of “Odrs...ech?”.

This may be something we just need to keep getting better at. And as the season goes on, I think the crowds will begin to catch on. Hopefully.

$1 Hot Dogs and Beer!

I really hope this becomes more of a regular thing, like even just for weekday games. Both beers and hot dogs in the stadium were $1 and it was a pretty sizable crowd that came out to experience the joy of such a deal. The crowd size was just about the same as last week’s, with the west side being a little less crowded this time around. Although, I think the dollar beer may have made this week’s attendees a little more rowdy than last week’s, it certainly made the concession stand lines a little longer than last weeks. And was it just me, or did the DBG play the theme to the show Dallas at some point?

Most visiting fans were mainly there to see the coach for the Montreal Impact, who was a player by the name of Thierry Henry. That Arsenal legend that played with teams like Juventus, Arsenal, Monaco, and of course the New York Red Bulls. There were actually a few fans of his at the game and a little bit more crowded near the benches as people looked to get a glimpse at the player turned coach.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “See, you’re getting one hot dog, one beer. When you should be getting one beer, and one beer.” Wise words.

Did you make it through the concession lines to get hot dogs or beer at a decent price? Were you amused with the crowd trying to pronounce Cobra’s last name? And how many Henry jerseys did you see Saturday? Let me know in the comments below!