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FC Dallas vs Montreal Impact: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from Saturday’s draw with Montreal.

FC Dallas picked up a last second goal on Saturday afternoon in a 2-2 draw against the Montreal Impact.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on the match...Our standard is three points at home. We have to be disappointed. We are disappointed we don’t get three points. We need to get every point, every point, at home. You know the challenges away. I hold the boys to a higher standard this season away and that’s our expectation In my evaluation, it was too low and too high. The first half was solid. We created some good chances. Didn’t kill but it was solid. Flat 15-25 minutes in the second half. We let them in the game, they defended well and countered us. It was not good enough. We didn’t play to our strengths. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get the full three points but, as a coach, I have to love these boys because they don’t give up. They reacted and I think if we played another five minutes, I think we would have founded a way to win this game.

On Ricardo Pepi’s first MLS goal...Congrats to our young man, Ricardo. Ricardo scored a very opportunistic goal just buzzing and mobile, active, hungry. He came into the game believing he could change the game and he did. Even without the ball he was pressing. He was closing down their goalkeeper, closing down their right center back, left center back, coming across the field, forcing them to play long and that helped us get back into the game.

On subbing Paxton Pomykal for Tanner Tessmann...Paxton in our eyes in how he developed this season, last season, he’s a 10, seven, 11 option for us. If we need to be very aggressive, push or chase the game, we play him at the eight or a double 10. That was the idea with him and Jesus. At that point, they’re leaving five back, they’re just countering, so let’s get another number in the box. Let’s get Pepi a double nine, maybe we lose a number in the midfield but I saw Paxton dynamic in getting the ball, going up and down. So we gained something in the box, lost in the midfield but it helped us get back in the game.

FC Dallas forward Zdenek Ondrasek

On the early deficit… Well, we gave them two goals. I think it was too easy, too easy but on the other side at the end of the day, we have to look at the bright side that we went from two-zero in [the] last six, seven, ten minutes for two-two, so it’s okay point but it’s a disappointment.

Thoughts on personal success so far this season…I was happy with the goal of course because they blocked two of my big chances so I really wanted to score, help the team. So yeah I wouldn’t call the second goal assist because I just, I wanted to shoot and it was a little bit behind me and I’m happy with the goal for (Ricardo) Pepi. His first goal and he gave us the point and it’s important.

On the importance of ‘Never Die’ attitude…It is important because we showed the fans, we showed everyone that we play until the end. We never give up. As I said, we were disappointed because we wanted to win this game but at the end, we were two-zero down, almost six minutes before the end so the point is okay. We have to take it and go prepare ourselves for New York.

On playing Montreal’s back three…It’s a little harder of course because there’s more defenders against me but if you play fast, if you play on the ground it doesn’t really matter. We had three chances today to make an early cross or go for a goal. If we would be more hungry, I would say in the first half we could have scored the first goal but there were some good crosses but we just weren’t there so we have to look at that and be better next game.

FC Dallas forward Ricardo Pepi

Thoughts on the match…I thought it was a good match. We were down two-zero, I mean, we gotta put some energy, we gotta push the game. We pushed the game and we got a point, I mean, it’s not the goal but I mean, we got a point.

On scoring first MLS goal…I mean, obviously, it’s more emotional than scoring with North Texas. It’s a bigger level, a higher level. It’s the first one but there’s more to come.

On what was going through his mind when Luci called his name to go in the game…I mean, I just wanted to come in the game, push the team, give them some energy, give them some emotions, and I felt like I did a great job and we caught up.

On what he saw on buildup to the goal…I saw Reggie when he crossed the ball and then I saw Coby just flick it and it was coming my way and I just didn’t really think about it. I just shot it and it went in.

On his goals for the season…Obviously, I want to score more goals with FC Dallas, I want to have more games, more starts, more minutes but I mean, we got to keep working hard.

FC Dallas midfielder Michael Barrios

On the importance of earning a point today... We knew it was going to be a difficult match, it’s a team that is well prepared and they have a great coach and great players. In the first half we didn’t take advantage of the chances we had in the first half. In the second half we lowered the rhythm of the game, and they took advantage of the two scoring opportunities. Thanks to God we are able to push at the end and earn a point at home. It wasn’t what we wanted, but that’s how god wanted it and how the game is. Now we just rest and see what errors were made and work on it during the week to prepare for our first away game of the season.

On coming back against Montreal for two years in a row... We always want to start winning at home against our rivals. But, with Montreal we struggle a bit. Last season we were down 3-0 in Montreal and today 2-0. We know we are a team who always believes and works hard till the end of the match. We maybe could have won it in the last play at the end but that’s how it is. That’s how football is, and we need to keep working to improve.