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Quick Burns: Our hot takes of the 2020 season

Who has hot takes? We have them.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone enjoys a good hot take. So with the start of the new season, we’re writing out what we see as something that could happen for FC Dallas or MLS as a whole.

Let us know your hot take of the season below as well in the comments section.

Jason Poon - Jara will hit double digit goals

Yes, Franco Jara will arrive in the summer and go off on some hapless teams. One hat trick will be in store (looking at you Nashville) and the fans will finally let Dan Hunt off the hook.

Nathan Hill - Los Angeles FC Will Not Win the MLS Cup

Even with Atlanta United missing Josef Martinez, I still don’t think Los Angeles FC will find its way to the MLS Cup. They will miss Walker Zimmerman at some point and be scrambling for some capable defenders. Injuries will mess them up. LAFC will struggle and open the door to plenty of other Western conference teams, including FC Dallas.

Jose Carmona - Cobra will win Golden Boot

Cobra will be on fire all season long, and once Jara arrives, they'll pair to become the most potent attack in MLS. They'll combine to lead FCD to its 1st MLS Cup win. Cobra will win the Golden Boot by scoring more than 25 goals.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Thiago Santos Best XI

I'm sold. One week in and I think Thiago Santos is an absolute stud. In fact, I believe he is going to be so good that he'll end up making the MLS Best XI team by the end of the season. As far as takes go, it does not get hotter than that.

Jeff Loftin - Cobra Outscores Chicharito

Yup, I said it. Even if he is sold back to Europe midseason - Cobra is going to outscore Little Pea. The hottest of takes.

Drew Epperley - FC Dallas will sell one player not named Reggie Cannon

While I do think they’ll sell Reggie Cannon this summer, I believe we’ll see another young player sold for a solid profit as well this year. My gut tells me a Thomas Roberts or an academy kid (who gets a Chris Richards treatment) get sold.