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Quick Burns: Who is FC Dallas’ all-time cult hero?

There are so many good options, but we all have different ideas.

Houston Dynamo v FC Dallas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Over the weekend MLS’s website published a top Cult Hero for each club based on comments from supporters. FC Dallas’ choice was not a bad one as we all love some Zdenek Ondrasek but it got our team thinking that there are more true cult heroes from days ago that were more obvious choices to us.

Here are our choices for all-time cult hero for FC Dallas. Feel free to leave your’s below

Ryan Scanlon - Kenny Cooper

Does the man even need an introduction? Signed with FC Dallas after Manchester United didn’t play him, crushed it for a few seasons even though he was injured for one of them. Was an absolute beast up top for FC Dallas earning MLS best XI honors and comeback player of the year. Then after departing for Europe, and cheating on us was other MLS teams, he triumphantly came back for Schellas’ last year which saw him playing left winger and being consistently offsides. His winning goal against Houston will always be my favorite FCD goal of all time (sorry Jaír Benitez and Blas Pérez) and I can confidently say he was a fan favorite to so many hoop faithful. He was always happy to meet with fans and sign anything they threw at him, that’s what I have experienced/been told any who. He’s my selection for cult hero.

Jason Poon - Michel

Look, there are other note worth picks here - Cooper, Blas Perez, Carlos Ruiz, Bobby Rhine... but this has to be Michel strictly and only for his Tinder presence. Let’s just say he slid into the DMs of someone we knew here at BigD and produced a legendary pic that we cannot unsee.

Ben Lyon- Colin Bonner


If you’re new to FC Dallas fandom, we all really wanted Colin to be an MLS lifer with the club. Alas, it was not meant to be as he only managed to play 27 minutes in the 2016 regular season (The Disrespectful! game in Seattle) before retiring the next year. He did manage to make his mark in FC Dallas’s US Open Championship run that year.

Drew Epperley - Carlos Ruiz

The Fish was a monster on the field in both of this stays in Frisco. His early seasons after coming over from LA were nothing short of solid. He scored goals left and right. That 2006 season was still one of the best in club history in my mind.

But I will never forget his game-winning goal against Seattle in 2016. I was thankful to be in the stadium that day to watch it live as he scored late to help FCD beat Seattle and go on to win the Supporters’ Shield the following week in LA.

Jose Carmona - Timo Pitter

I am completely stunned that the legendary Timo Pitter was not the first person on this list! I mean, how the heck does that even happen!?!?! We are talking the man that was the answer at left wing, and would have solved all of FCD’s problems. The catalyst for the greatness that was the 2016 season, only the greatest FC Dallas season ever! Since his sudden departure from the team, FC Dallas has never been the same, and has never been able to find a replacement on the left wing, thus dooming itself to mediocrity at that position. Frankly, I’m ashamed that this article isn’t dedicated completely to the legend that is Timo Pitter.

Jeff Loftin - Blas Perez

Having a player on your team who constantly pushes the line of dirty and physical, who frustrates opponents and generally is not liked by the opponent is always a fun thing as a fan. Blas is this guy. He’s a guy who will scrap, flop, fight, yell, intimidate and entice the opposition. How can we not have Blas as our cult hero?