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Luchi Gonzalez discusses the potential of playing in front of an empty stadium

It still comes down to playing the games and competing for the second year manager.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez met with reporters on Wednesday via a conference call to discuss how players are doing, the teams transition to video calls on Zoom and the potential of resuming the season without fans in the stadiums.

On Tuesday, MLS commission Don Garber stated that the league is still hoping to play the full 34-game season, though there is some concern that games early on could be played in front of empty stadiums.

Gonzalez at first wasn’t thrilled with the idea of playing home games or any game in general in the regular season without fans in the stands.

“That would be tough, we love our fans. It would be disappointing if we couldn’t play in front of our fans and family,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez does understand the economic factor in playing in front of an empty stadium but he also pointed out that his club might be used to it after a strong preseason that saw them play a majority of their games in front of empty seats.

“But as much as we would miss them we would have to play for them anyway,” said Gonzalez. “We have to give them everything whether they are in the stands or not.

“From my perspective those are full games and even though there are no fans, we are going to compete and represent the club at the highest level. It would be something we’re not used to but we have to do that in preseason and I really liked how our boys competed in preseason.”

Gonzalez praised his players’ passion for the game itself and explained that it will show up even if there isn’t anyone in the stands.

“Of course the fans are so important to our motivation,” said Gonzalez .”But the boys have a passion for this game. You’re going to see a lot of passion in these games if they are closed doors. You might hear the passion from an audio standpoint too, which may be a new challenge in how we handle or direct them.”