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Quick Burns: Who is your favorite all-time Dallas player?

We’ve all had different favorites over the years, who was yours?

Houston Dynamo v FC Dallas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

As we continue forward in this new world of not being able to see actual soccer played right now, our team is taking some time to look back and discuss who their favorite FC Dallas/Dallas Burn player of all-time is today.

Let us know who your favorite all-time FCD/Burn player below in our comments section.

Jason Poon - Zach Loyd

Don’t have much to say other than I just liked the way he played. Professional, soft spoken, team player, good human, and a great emergency defending center-back. Rarely made any mistakes, did the job and played with a lot of class and grit.

Runner up: Zdenek Ondrasek. I just need him to score an extra time winner against Houston and head butt the goal post during his celebration to take over from Loyd.

Honorable mentions: Fabian Castillo, Kenny Cooper, Oscar Pareja, Mauro Diaz, Bobby Rhine and Getterson.

Jeff Loftin - Jason Kreis

Nostalgia gets the best of me here, but I can’t help but remember Kreis running around the Cotton Bowl scoring goal after goal. From the time I started to watch the franchise I remember Kreis and have fond memories of him. Plain and simple, it’s him.

Ben Lyon- Kenny Cooper

I was late to the game so, needless to say, I’m not in the Ted Eck secret society. I loved Blas’s fire, Castillo’s dynamism, Diaz’s wizardry, Jackson’s mercurial borderline psychosis, and Michel’s dead ball mastery. It was always the local come home for me though.

Cooper scored in bunches, sealed a move to Germany, played for the National Team; he had the stellar career from a local for his local team in what would prove to be good auspices for the club as it exists today. The goal from halfway is the obvious highlight, but I’m going to go with this gem.

Kenny Cooper is such an affable, good dude, and to see him put Victor Bernardez on the ground was something to see. I seriously thought he was going to punch him, and Bernardez’s head would explode like a rotten pumpkin dumped out of a 5th story window. To be fair, this one had been brewing for a while. Did you guys ever bury the hatchet, Kenny?

Nathan Hill - Brek Shea

Because Ben stole mine.

Also, because as talented as Brek is and though he never quite put it all together, he can be fun to watch, changing games when he feels like it. We can always wonder what might have been if he had been able to take his game to the next level skill-wise, sort of put all the pieces together. Also, what might have been if he had a coach other than Schellas Hyndman who wanted to try Brek as a centerback or left back or whatever. Can you imagine Luchi Gonzalez coaching up a young Brek Shea?

Dax McCarty also vouches for Brek in a recent episode of Play by Players podcast, noting that though he is mercurial, he is a fun and great guy. I always liked that about Brek as well - he didn’t want soccer to define him alone. His artwork may not be your cup of tea, but he is who he is.

Remember stuff like this:

And stuff like this:

And also this:

Never change, Brek. Never change.

Drew Epperley - George John

When this guy was healthy and at it, he was possibly one of the best center defenders this club has ever had. It is a shame that injuries derailed what could have been an impressive MLS career. Also, he was one hell of a guy to just chat with outside of soccer too.