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East Stand View: Read About Opening Day 2020!

Actually switched sides for this one, west side!

MLS: Philadelphia Union at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was truly a beautiful day in Frisco on Saturday afternoon, with temperatures in the 70s and the sun being out bathing everyone walking to their seats or those on the east side of the stadium. It was a great day for the start of the new MLS season as FC Dallas hosted the Philadelphia Union at Toyota Stadium. While it wasn’t a sell out crowd, it was a packed place as was evident from the traffic coming in and out of the stadium before and after the game...

First There’s Traffic

If you’re a regular to FC Dallas, and do not live in Oklahoma, then the ‘Main St/Cotton Gin Road’ exit sign has a special place in your heart. Unless if you’re extremely anti-NTTA in which case old downtown Frisco has a much more special place in your heart. Mainly because you’ve accumulated what is likely hours sitting in their traffic throughout your life as the thousands of people trying to get to the Toyota stadium are funneled through three roads with one or two lanes.

This opening day was no different. The line to exit on Main St/Cotton Gin Road was backed up to at least Lebanon road, which is almost two miles for anyone wondering at home. Not a lot you say? When it’s moving as slow as molasses in January, it’s a good amount to sit through especially considering you just paid tolls to get up here. It does help build the anticipation though.

Editor’s note: Let’s also not forget the newly instituted parking prices here that likely added to the congestion on Saturday.

Then The Temperature Drop

Wearing shorts was a great idea for the start of the game, but as the sun went down and the breeze started picking up, it quickly turned into a monumental blunder. The temperature started plummeting and those that wore jeans and thicker jackets had the last laughs. I definitely regretted not sitting on the East Side of the stadium either as they looked pretty warm from the sun bathing from earlier in the day.

And finally, your fan quote of the day: “The porn ‘stache stays!” - right after the Paxton Pomykal goal. If you haven’t seen his mustache, please Google or get on Twitter.

Were you able to make it out to the first game of the season for FC Dallas? Do you normally take the downtown Frisco route or the tollway? Were you much wiser than me and actually bundled up for the eventual cold front of night? Let me know in the comments below!