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Quick Burns: What show are you binging right now?

We’re all doing a little social distancing right now and here is what our team is watching.

MLS: Playoffs-Los Angeles Galaxy at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We’re all at home right now, for the most part. And because of that we here at Big D Soccer are binging a lot of TV right now that isn’t FC Dallas.

Here is what our staff is currently watching on their own. Let us know what shows you got in the queue right now below in our comments sections.

Ben Lyon- Re-Watching Chernobyl.

Seems like good timing. 454 new cases today- not great, not terrible.

El Chico Carmona - TWD

I stopped watching The Walking Dead at the start of Season 9, when my favorite character left the show. I have now started getting caught up on the show.

I also plan to watch The Kingdom season 2 on Netflix. It's about a 13th century outbreak ( zombie) in Korea. Surprisingly good political commentary.

On a lighter note, watching Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager on YouTube. Something to tickle your funny bone.

Highly recommend binge watching shows on Netflix: Ozark, Peaky Blinders, The Kingdom, The Magicians, Stranger Things, GLOW, Mindhunter, Narcos.

Amazon Prime: Man in the High Castle, the Marvelous Mrs Maisel, The Boys, Hunters, Jack Ryan, The Tick, The Expanse

Hulu: Future Man, Inbetween Man

Jeff Loftin - Lots of stuff

I’ve been on paternity leave so my wife and I have been watching the following (don’t @ me): Love is Blind, Love Island (UK & Australia), Riverdale, Blacklist, Flash. As to what I’d recommend - that’s totally up to you. For trashy “reality” TV go with the Love shows. For teen drama - Riverdale, for over the top superhero stuff - Flash, for crime drama - Blacklist.

Jason Poon - Patriot Act

I missed the previous season so taking some time to catch up here. Also Ronny Chieng’s stand up show on Netflix is also incredible.

Nathan Hill - Mystery Science Theater 3000

We need to laugh right now, so turning on bad commentary with plenty of jokes is making me and my kids laugh. It also educates my kids that there are a lot of movies in this world, and a bunch of them are bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

I’ve also slowly been introducing them to the wonder that is Leslie Knopes and Ron Swanson. My kids are intrigued. That is all.

Drew Epperley - Arrested Development and Happy Endings

I’m currently going back and forth on a re-watch of these two shows, both ended too soon. I know Arrested Development got brought back by Netflix but you do always wonder what it would have been like had it gotten it’s start there or had been kept by Fox for more than three seasons. Same kind of goes in the opposite for Happy Endings, which got canceled way too soon by ABC.