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Workhorse of the Week vs. Montreal Impact

This home game wasn't supposed to go like this, but FC Dallas roars back to a 2-2 draw against Montreal Impact. Who was your top player from the match?

MLS: Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Our first official Workhorse vote is in the bag, and newcomer Thiago Santos made a hell of a debut and snagged 29 votes as the clear winner from the solid win over the Philadelphia Union.

A Home Draw Is A Disappointment But...

There are those moments in a season when a sports writer is supposed to take the long view and write about the ups and downs of a season. Draws happen in soccer to the best of teams. FC Dallas has been prone to go out and have a collapse of a game here and there. It’s not the end of the world. It stinks to think about writing that so early in the season, but I do think there are some hopeful lessons out of this game.

One, Maxi Urruti grabbed a couple of poacher goals. It was kind of him not to celebrate against his former team and teammates, but both goals were the right place, right time things that happen for decent strikers. Good for him - sucks for us. The first goal in particular bounced off the crossbar. Maxi got there first. I’m sure the defense will take a look at the tape, focus on what they can control, and move forward.

Two, the rally was a good sign. This team is going to need to handle the emotions of a match and find that second, third, fourth gear. They aren’t going to have the dead ball maestro that other teams might or the young phenom who can singlehandedly devastate opposing teams. They will need to scrap for everything sometimes and fight to the last minute for results. Kobra and company showed that.

Third, this team deserves a slow start. In the past, FC Dallas have been the recipient of jumping right out of the gate while the rest of the league gets into shape. Then, by May, the team hits a rough patch and struggles a bit. What if this year is different? What if the team starts a little slower as they figure themselves out, incorporate new faces, and take their tactics to the next level? What if the team gets stronger and better by May and June? I think that is the silver lining that I hope for. FC Dallas will be going into this weekend’s match aware of the things they have to work on, ready to pick up where they left off.

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Honorable Mentions

I am going to plug Zdenek Ondrasek who didn’t give up. You could tell he was frustrated in the first half that the team wasn’t pressing together and working as well as they could have. He saw the opportunities and was unlucky not to get a shot on frame earlier in the match. His work rate and effort started the FC Dallas rally. He's worthy.

I’ll plug Reggie Cannon as well this team for being a dangerous player on the wing and Michael Barrios for doing the same. Barrios’ performance earned the vote of fans during the match. He was relentless. Cannon was the same, no doubt enjoying the comfort of that fancy new contract.

Who else do you recommend? Share in the comments.

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    Zdenek Ondrasek
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