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FC Dallas unveils the 2020 Legacy Kit

This year’s home red kit has been shown off, now we get to really see what it is like in person.

FC Dallas revealed its 2020 “Legacy kit” tonight at an MLS fashion show in New York City. The adidas kit was influenced by the club’s distinction as one of the founding members of Major League Soccer.

The kit brings back a popular hoop element to the jersey, something that has been missing for fans these last few years in the home kit.

Other design elements include:

  • The Texas state flag is proudly presented on the back neckline of the jersey, signifying FC Dallas’ legacy as the original MLS team of Texas.
  • The LH patch moves to the base of the hem on the front of the jersey. This symbolic placement honors Lamar Hunt’s legacy as a founding member of not just FC Dallas but MLS, as well.
  • As a charter club of Major League Soccer, FC Dallas’ Legacy jersey features the Founding Club mark of nine silver stars located inside the drop hem of the jersey. This is only on the authentic jerseys of the nine clubs that remain from MLS’ inaugural year.
  • The left shoulder features MLS 25th celebratory logo, which will only be used during the 2020 season.
  • The jersey also features a new font. The official MLS name and number jersey font is a dynamic, energetic and bold graphic typeface that introduces a layering tri-line effect.
  • The jersey will be paired with blue shorts throughout the season.

AdvoCare continues to serve as FC Dallas’ official jersey sponsor, a position it has held since 2012. Their corporate wordmark is displayed across the chest of the jersey in white text.