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Big D After Dark Returns This Sunday!

Our irreverent, fun, and interactive live show returns this Sunday to break down FC Dallas action, news around the league, and your incredible comments.

After the lights dim at Toyota Stadium, when things quiet down, as fans make their way home, sometimes that’s when the good stuff happens.

Big D After Dark is our salty, messy, and fun live video show that tries to capture what happens when FC Dallas fans stay up a little late to talk soccer. Once again, the show will be offered weekly (when possible) every Sunday at 8:30 PM central time. Our venue also has changed with streams hosted on Youtube, making it easy for you to watch from your computer, laptop, mobile device, or other compatible hardware. While watching, you can send in your comments and questions, and we’ll try to take them as they come.

Returning this year, I’ll serve as the host and try my best to keep the conversations flowing.

Ben Lyon is returning as our source of wisdom. He loves to talk about the USMNT, its failings, and nepotism as well as this FC Dallas roster.

Jose Carmona is also returning from the frigid upper midwest, where he will bring us the latest rumors about transfers, youth signings, and more. Jose also keeps us focused on how North Texas Soccer Club is doing.

And like last year, we will work on bringing some special guests to add extra flavor and insight into this exciting season to come.

Set your alarm. Join us on March 1, 8:30 PM CST for our first Big D After Dark of the year.

Go ahead and subscribe to our fledgling Youtube channel. It’s a little bare right now, but we’ll be adding content and breaking it in by Sunday.

Switching to Youtube also means we will embed our live streams right here on the site, so come back often to catch up on what you missed and watch as we moan, complain, and make wild statements about Dallas.

Here is some homework:

  • Who would you like to see on the stream? Any particular players or personalities?
  • What angles of insight would help you break down each week of action?

Let us know in the comments below.