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Fans From Afar: How to watch FC Dallas in 2020

The season begins on Saturday for FC Dallas. How can we stay up with the team even if we don’t live in the DFW?

MLS: MLS Cup Playoffs-Round One-FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a weird offseason.

Here’s my normal thought process most offseasons since becoming a fan of this team -

  • Will FC Dallas sign a big name star?
  • Will some unheralded free agent solve all of FC Dallas’ problems?
  • Will FC Dallas finally unlock its marketing puzzle?

But this season, though I am excited, the feeling has been different. With less roster turnover, we know what to expect of this team. With young players looking to improve, the roster didn’t need a major shakeup. There are no surprises in the tactics department. The marketing is still all over the place.

On top of it, FC Dallas signed Franco Jara and finally got their big name star (relatively speaking).

So, the offseason has come and gone. I barely watched a single preseason match. I haven’t been glued to every rumor. My visits to have been less frequent. But, it’s fine. It’s different - but it’s fine.

In Luchi we trust.

If you are a fan like me who doesn’t live in the Dallas-Fort Worth endless sprawl, it's time to gear up with the tools we need to keep up with our team, support them from a distance, and stay plugged in.

Just like the past offseason, those tools have generally not changed. That’s pretty good. Stability isn’t a bad thing. You won’t have to shell out an arm or a leg to get most games that you need. Cheap is great. It means more money for beer or FCD gear or whatever.

At the top of the list, ESPN+ is still king. It’s $60/year (maybe less if you get it packaged with Hulu and Disney+). You get to watch most FC Dallas games that are not being broadcast nationally (FCD only has five of those and they’re all on Spanish channels). You also get access to other MLS games, a host of other sports, and some decent soccer related programming. Go get it, if you don’t have it.

Next up, if you live in one of the markets, is the FC Dallas TV Network. Amarillo, Lubbock, and Tyler fans can host watch parties in their market with the click of their remote. This is a really cool thing that FCD has continued to find ways to support and make FC Dallas the premiere team in North Texas.

Third on the list, FC Dallas radio is a nice alternative when you are at work or can’t get in front of a big screen. Why not listen in? Frankly, sometimes this is a great option to pair with a decent stream and ignore the hit or miss quality of the TV commentators. There have been times when I am driving during a game, and FC Dallas radio is a gift.

Fourth, you’ll definitely want to follow and share your thoughts here on Sure, there are plenty of twitter accounts and other sites that can offer some compelling FC Dallas coverage. Good for them. But BigD not only has great writers who are primarily fans, but we give you the chance to write your own fan shots. Share images and experiences from the games. Ask your questions. Participate. This is a community, and we love everyone who helps out.

Also, stay tuned for the return of Big D After Dark. This is our unabashedly salty live video experience that breaks down the most recent action, offers up the latest rumors about FC Dallas and their players, and responds to your questions live. We are returning for our second year and hoping the show continues to be fun, irreverent, messy, and informative. We’ll have more details coming shortly about the show. Look for a new venue!

That’s it. It’s almost time to kick this season off. It’s going to be epic.

What are you doing to get ready?

Share your thoughts and any other recommendations in the comments below.