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Quick Burns: What are your expectations for FC Dallas in 2020?

How well do we think FC Dallas should do in 2020? Our staff discusses it here.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting KC Peter G. Aiken

The new season is getting closer and closer and our excitement continues to grow with that. FC Dallas looks to improve on their playoff appearance in 2019 in Luchi Gonzalez’s first season as manager. Will another playoff appearance be enough or should we expect to see much, much more out of this group in 2020?

Our staff has come together again to discuss their expectations for the new season. Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

Jason Poon - 2019 (reprise)

I see Dallas sneaking into the playoffs again, but just I don’t see this team making that much of a jump and will go through moments of inconsistency just like 2019. We’ll see Paxton Pomykal as the team’s most valuable player for 10 games and look like Supporter’s Shield contenders for those matches, but then look rather pedestrian the rest of the way. Dallas will do things like beat Seattle in Seattle, but then lose at home to Nashville. Get ready for a bumpy season.

Scott Hiney – The best team in the west that doesn’t have a $5 million-plus attacking star

Okay, I know that basically puts them at 4th, behind LAFC, LA Galaxy and Seattle, but 4th would be quite an improvement over 2019, where they finished in the final playoff spot and didn’t even muster 50 points.

One of the biggest differences between that team and this year’s team is going to be more consistent scoring — because we won’t have to wait until August for Kobra to wake up. In preseason he’s continued his scoring form from the end of last season, and so it’s fair to say he can bag 15 goals this year depending on his health and how/when Franco Jara usurps his role.

Another difference will be the continued growth of this team’s young core. Jesus Ferreira really excites me for the kind of steps he can make and I think we’re all anxiously awaiting to see more consistently the sort of flashes Paxton Pomykal showed us. I don’t see Minnesota or Real Salt Lake replicating what they did last season, and Portland doesn’t have a clear identity right now. That all adds up to a solid, 4th-place finish in the west.

Nathan Hill - MLS Cup or Bust

There are many reasonable scenarios here.

Missing the playoffs would be a major disappointment.

At the minimum, we should be expecting a return to the playoffs and a run of some kind, at least one win at home, in the postseason.

But, I think this year is the window. Reggie Cannon might stick around longer, but I think he is gone by winter. Paxton Pomykal is ready to show he’s worth the cash and ready to head to the next level. Jesus Ferreira is going to mature. Ondrasek’s form will hold through the summer. Santos and Acosta will be the veteran leaders the team needs. Michael Barrios is going to do Barrios kinds of things. Mosquera and Picault will push each other at key moments. Franco Jara will emerge the dose of energy and skill to bolster a strong late season finish and a deep playoff run.

It’s time. MLS Cup, baby.

Ben Lyon - Trophies or Bust

This team is built for the long haul. FC Dallas will certainly have to deal with a ton of international absences, but they have the depth to endure that, injuries, and individual hot and cold form. They’ve also got a forgiving out of conference schedule and have been prepped in a fashion to improve on their road form from last year. In year 2 of the Luchi experience, they’re good for at least one of the 3 trophies they’ll compete for this season. MLS Cup still falls largely to luck- Seattle barely escaping their first round match with FC Dallas is evidence of that. They’ll cash in on luck with silverware this year.

Jeff Loftin - Playoffs, Early Exit

I expect this team to make the playoffs and exit early from said postseason event. While I believe in the talent of the team, I am not sure how well it will all come together once some peaces are sold off in the summer (pure speculation on my part). If the team gets a home game in the playoffs then they stand a better chance of moving forward. I do not think that the team is not good enough to win any hardware this year, but I think that the top end of the league is trying to distance itself with money spent (as in most leagues in the world), and that list does not include our beloved team, so we are left to piece things together and hope for the best of the rest. I am okay with that and I do remember that underdogs still win sometimes, so I am not without hope.