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2020 FC Dallas preseason: Winners and losers (so far)

As FC Dallas heads to Florida, we have a decent idea of who has been winning this preseason and who is coming up short.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason is quickly coming to a close here for FC Dallas fans as we’re less than two weeks away from the start of the 2020 season against the Philadelphia Union.

As the club heads to Florida for one final trip this winter, it is a good time to take stock of who is doing well this preseason and who still has work left to do.

Winning - Jesus Ferreira

When you are scoring goals like this:

Yeah, Jesus has been doing just fine this preseason following a successful January camp with the United States National team. So far, he’s really be one of the few constants in the attack that has shown well and is progressing the way you would want into the end of the preseason. If he scores goals, especially like the one above, we could finally see a double digit scorer with Dallas this season.

Winning - Zdenek Ondrasek

I also think the same could be said about Cobra here. The Czech striker has been every bit as good as he was to finish the 2019 season so far this preseason. He’s scoring goals, becoming a team leader in the locker room, and is still proving to be a guy that is loving life in MLS.

Luchi Gonzalez hasn’t changed his approach to how he wants to use Ondrasek either this season. He’ll sit high and expect to push the attack in the penalty box, as well as find spaces to be free to make attempts on goal. So far this preseason he has done just that.

Losing - Injuries to the FCD midfield

We’re getting closer and closer to seeing Paxton Pomykal finally make an appearance this preseason, I think we’ll see it at some point in Florida this week for that matter. But the injuries elsewhere to guys like Brandon Servania and Bryan Acosta certainly do set things back for the start of the season. Servania (knee) and Acosta (appendix) are likely going to be sidelined at least for another couple of weeks, if not more.

Losing - Manuel Ferriol

The rookie out of JMU was actually showing well early on in camp. Luchi Gonzalez spoke highly of his soccer IQ after drafting him in the second round. But visa issues have plagued his ability to stay in camp throughout February.

FC Dallas is still working with Ferriol and his agent to get him back, which may mean we’ll see him get some additional minutes in training and possible a deal with North Texas SC like two of the other draft picks did last week.

Toss-up - Fafa Picault and Santiago Mosquera

At times this preseason we’ve seen exactly why Picault was brought to Dallas from Philadelphia. We’ve also seen at times why Mosquera can be the most dangerous player on the field for FC Dallas.

Still, I don’t feel like either have really earned the starting position yet at left wing. Both are still battling, and truth be told, that is what you want at this stage in the preseason. But at some point someone has to make a little more of a leap above the other and earn it. My gut tells me we will see Mosquera get the nod early on this season but we can’t sleep on Picault’s defensive abilities and what that brings to the table.