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FC Dallas misses the mark on “Mexican Superstars” promotion

Oh man, really?

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Today brought not only the start of a new week but plenty of discussion for FC Dallas fans. Normally that is a good thing but today’s discussion certainly went in a direction that I’m sure the club would have liked to have avoided.

It all started with this tweet this morning on the club’s new ticket package.

The comments in the tweet are nearly all negative to a degree, ranging from “why don’t you sign a marketable player instead of promoting another team’s player”, to “this is sad”, to just how embarrassing this is for the club.

Then some current MLS players started to take note:

Needless to say, this isn’t a particularly good look for the club, who also did a similar promotion last season when the LA Galaxy were coming to town with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. That promotion and hype video didn’t really help the numbers at the gate (attendance was around 17k for that game...and Zlatan didn’t play).

We see this sort of promotion in other leagues from time to time. In the NBA, the Mavs for instance will run promotions of when LeBron James comes to town. The difference really comes down to how the marketing is done. The Mavs don’t really highlight other players outside of say LeBron, and if they do highlight a player it is all about them taking on the Mavs.

In this case with FC Dallas, the tweet just falls flat. For starters, it fails to mention that Chicharito, Pulido and Vela are even taking on FC Dallas. I know some will argue that you should understand as a consumer that they, the club, are tweeting this and it is implied. But it shouldn’t be that difficult to say that those three are coming to Frisco to take on FC Dallas.

I’m all for the club doing what they can in terms of marketing to get Toyota Stadium full each time out but this feels like a big swing and a miss. Part of me thinks this would have been better served up as a targeted ad, to the Hispanic crowd in Dallas. Or at least something that would have worked better in Spanish. Unless some how it works well, and those three games are sold out, right now this just isn’t a great look for the club.

What do you make at this latest attempt to get more butts in seats up in Frisco? How would you have handled this promotion differently?