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Workhorse of the Week vs Seattle Sounders

Our last opportunity to weigh in on FC Dallas action for 2020. Did any FC Dallas player impress in the 1-0 defeat against Seattle?

MLS: Cup Conference Semifinals-FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s over.

FC Dallas’ season ended in a tough 1-0 loss against the Seattle Sounders in Seattle.

While some were hoping for a wide open game like last season’s 4-3 loss, it ended up being a nervy, mostly defensive sound match from start to finish. There were positives, and there were negatives. And the big question we will be asking in the coming weeks is if 2020 Dallas was better than 2019 Dallas.

For now, let’s do one more poll of the week for 2020.

The Positives

Really, despite missing a rebound and a clear goal, Andres Ricaurte stood out to me for putting together his best match as an FC Dallas player. He was dangerous. He was cool and comfortable on the ball. He was up for this match in Seattle, not intimidated at all as he directed the attack.

Had Seattle’s defender not pulled together that last minute save, FC Dallas would have clawed back into a draw.

You can’t particularly fault our youth either. Tanner Tessmann was solid, though it did look like he took a few minutes to get into the game. Bryan Reynolds struggled a little, but he had some of the same issues on the artificial turf against Portland. The key is that Reynolds did enough to keep Jordan Morris and Nicolas Lodeiro silent.

Overall, you can’t fault our defense either. It took one corner kick goal and a split second lack of concentration to get Seattle ahead. Otherwise, Bressan, Hedges, Reynolds, and Nelson did their jobs, keeping Seattle in front of them. Jimmy Maurer had another solid performance in goal, and he even managed to get a hand to Shane O’Neil’s go ahead goal.

The Negatives

If there is a negative, it is the same for all of 2020. No goals. An offense that really couldn’t crack a Seattle defense that was willing to bunker as soon as they went up. It’s FC Dallas’ problem, the clear lack of creative ability in the final third. Franco Jara whiffed at some shots, and really, we didn’t get enough from the wings.

While the effort was there, the offense remains a huge work in progress. Hopefully, 2021 will bring in some new faces and offer more opportunity for this team to gel together.

Who deserves your vote?

I recommend Andres Ricaurte and Matt Hedges in particular for players who went the full 90.

What do you think? Vote below, and in a couple of weeks, we’ll figure out FC Dallas’ Workhorse of the Year.

Don’t forget - Big D After Dark will be going live tonight to break down the Seattle playoff loss at 9 PM CST over at Facebook or Youtube.


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    Jimmy Maurer
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    Bryan Reynolds
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  • 33%
    Matt Hedges
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  • 16%
    Andres Ricaurte
    (2 votes)
  • 25%
    Ryan Hollingshead
    (3 votes)
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    Franco Jara
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    No One
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