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East Stand View: Was Twellman Hungry?

The game was at Providence Park with ESPN commentators painting the vocal picture.

MLS: FC Dallas at Portland Timbers Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It was a nice Sunday evening in Dallas/Fort Worth, and it was a night our beloved FC Dallas team traveled to the Pacific Northwest to visit the 3rd place Portland Timbers team in the Western Conference.

Portland has a really good team this year, and I was extremely pessimistic about this game when I started watching the game. The ESPN commentary was on and as some may remember, I’m generally not a fan. How tense was this penalty shootout?! We’ll touch on these topics below in case you missed the game.

ESPN Commentary

My favorite thing about FC Dallas beating Portland in the playoffs, was the deflated commentary from Taylor Twellman. He was absolutely deflated and almost at a loss for words when it occurred. Most of the game was commentary about Portland, Portland players, Portland fans, Portland coach and then some Dallas. I understand pundits gain more from talking about teams that have a larger fanbase. Gains them more social media traction for sure. Which makes it even sweeter when our team beats one of the MLS media’s favorite teams and eliminates them from contention. Or maybe that’s all in my head and I’m crazy. What really drove me crazy though was that tense shootout.

Penalty Shootout

Penalty shootouts are always pretty tense, but no mental preparation can prepare you for watching player after player walking up and knowing each kick could be our very last of the season. In what was a master class in commentary during the penalty shootout, Taylor started talking about food which added absolutely nothing to the anxiety, but only gave me something to yell at other than the penalties. Pacing up and down the apartment it was quite clear both teams practiced penalties, but then we got a hero. Jimmy Maurer, with an amazing guess, leading to a historic save and giving us life for the next round. You can’t miss the next game against Seattle.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Taylor seriously stfu about food.” - reddit user. Yeah, Taylor must’ve been hungry or something during the shootout.

Where did you happen to watch the game at, home or at someone else’s home? Were you also confused and/or yelling at Taylor Twellman pondering about food during a nervy set of minutes? Think we can beat Seattle in the next round? Let me know in the comments below!