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East Stand View: Let’s Vent

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Want to revisit some of those emotions from Wednesday night?

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you missed the game on Wednesday or want to walk through the emotions we felt on Wednesday night again, this is the article. FC Dallas has won 12 out of our last 25 matches against the Houston Dynamo, which I’m mentioning to help you the reader (and myself) feel a little bit better. It was a frustrating match to watch with much yelling and a match we would expect our team would do much better at. We have to keep the faith though, give Luchi Gonzalez the benefit of the doubt. We have too, right?

We Were A Man Up

For half the game. Literally when the red card came out, I was excited because this meant we could salvage something from the match. Luchi was going to put on some attacking options and we were going to tie this up and possibly get some points on the road. That’s what the FCD faithful imagined would happened after the referee flashed red.

Instead what happened was that we passed the ball around and the team looked like they had no idea how to break down a stout defense. Of course Houston sat back in the second half, they were down a man. And while they played pretty decent defense, shouldn’t we have created many more chances as a team that has brought on such ‘attacking talent’. Or maybe it’s not the talent? Possibly....the coach?

Keep The Faith?

One could argue that we have attacking talent. Franco Jara had a nice career in Mexico, Andres Ricuarte looks really good and was amazing in South America, we know Michael Barrios can ball, and we have brought other talents like Santiago Mosquera and Jesus Ferreira from either our academy or from abroad. We’ve been shut out three of our last four games too. Now, we could blame it on just an unfortunate streak of bad luck because before those game I just mentioned, we had four multi-goal games in a row. We’re still in the playoffs technically, we have eight games left, it’ll be a test for Luchi to get us in.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “What a way to puke up El Capitan.” - @StevenAJ0nes

Do you still have faith in Luchi, or has your faith run out with the new-ish head coach? Was this loss down to our players just not being up to scruff? Which do you think is more to blame? Let me know in the comments below!