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What we learned against Houston Dynamo

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Luchi has to improve on multiple fronts in order to get FC Dallas to a good place here.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas disappointed in a 2-0 loss to the Houston Dynamo. Houston were down to 10 for the majority of the second half and Dallas still ended up being the team to conceded. Needless to say, this game has left me with major doubts...

Losing faith in Luchi Gonzalez

Earlier in Luchi’s career, this might have been okay. For a while I was willing to support the development of a young FC Dallas project. It was exciting, like the Homegrown players—he was our guy. And he didn’t want to do things the way the other coaches were doing them. He spit in the face of convention, did what he felt was right, and owned it.

But after two long seasons of questionable decision making, making myself be patient, thinking he would figure it out, knowing that surely he knows better than me—I can’t forgive Luchi for this.

The vest (pictured above) is too far.

I’m not asking him to suit up like Tab Ramos or Peter Vermes, but he has to know better than a vest without a jacket. I’m sure he’d say something like, “rules are meant to be broken,” then struggle to pop his band collar and shrug me off.

But I’m not alone here in my disdain for this outfit. Esquire calls the vest without a jacket “quite possibly the worst outfit of all time.”

Luchi, we expected better (in a derby nonetheless). I know we’re all looking for ways to mix things up nowadays, but maybe try eating a meal standing up or something like that. There’s really no need to subject us to the jacket-less vest look. We’re going through enough right now.


On the topics of other things I’m not okay with unrelated to the ninety minutes of pain that we endured...

Major League Soccer priorities
Fox Sports

Lest we forget that this sport that we love is merely a vessel for corporate interests, several times during this broadcast the on-field action was minimized in favor of a video advertisement. In this screencap alone seven different entities are advertised (Toyota, Texas Health Sports Medicine, Fox Sports, Adidas, Audi, 76, and MD Anderson Cancer Center). Maybe this is all necessary for the league to grow, but soccer’s status of the single sport with relatively uninterrupted action makes it the only sport that I can stomach watching. And it looks like that status is threatened.

Highlight of the game

The essence of each player is perfectly captured by their canine counterpart. I can imagine the social media team telling Luchi, “No! You can’t start Ferreira. There isn’t a dog that feels like him.”

  • Does Luchi need to get back to fundamentals or does he know what he’s doing?
  • What’s worse, video ads during games or bad camera angles?
  • Are there any dog representations that miss the mark?