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FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew: Player Ratings

FC Dallas hosted the Eastern Conference and had an uneven performance. Let’s see how the players rated.

Columbus Crew SC v FC Dallas Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

FC Dallas hosted the Columbus Crew and had to settle for a 2-2 draw against the Eastern Conference leaders.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

Man of the Match: Michael Barrios (7.6) - Barrios wasn’t as involved in the attack as much we’d like to see him be, but when he did get involved he made things happen. It all started with Mikey getting his first goal of the season:

He then drew the foul inside the box to earn FC Dallas a PK:

Jimmy Maurer (6.7) - Jimmy allowed two goals on the night but came up with three big saves, including this one:

Matt Hedges (6.8) - Matt was his usual solid self defensively, with two tackles, two interceptions, three clearances, and three headers won. He also lead the team with 77 touches, attempted one shot, and had 78.1% passing, including completion of six long balls.

Reto Ziegler (7.5) - Reto just got beat out for man of the match by Barrios. He had an excellent defensive performance and he continues to be automatic on PKs:

Bryan Reynolds (6.5) - Reynolds had a bit of a come back to earth match but still managed to flash amazing potential:

Ryan Hollingshead (6.9) - Ryan had a good all around game, finishing with three tackles, one interception, four clearances, four recoveries, and four headers won on defense. On the attack he had three shot attempts, three cross attempts, and 80.7% passing with one key pass. I don’t know that it was an MLS Team of the Week performance, but Ryan making the bench shows a growing level of respect for him around the league:

Thiago Santos (6.3) & Bryan Acosta (6.3) - I have to say that it is a disappointment to see these two players not able to figure out a way to work together. They both look to be playing the exact same role, even if that is not what is being asked of them and that is simply not good for the team.

Andres Ricaurte (7.1) - Ricaurte had a team high 92.9% passing accuracy, a solid 56 touches, and he looks to be settling in. This is exactly what you want to see from the guy pulling the strings for your team. Now, if the team can just figure out how to get a competent pair of midfielders around him, this team could go places.

Fafa Picault (6.8) - Fafa had that gorgeous assist on the Barrios goal but continues to be not as involved on the attack as you’d like to see from him.

Franco Jara (6.5) - Jara continued to do a lot of little things that look good but hasn’t been able to capitalize on them.


Tanner Tessman (6.0), Dante Sealy (6.1) & Jesus Ferreira - None of the subs had an impact on the match


Luchi Gonzalez (6.4) - It certainly looked like Luchi was being out coached at times, but getting a point against the top team in MLS, is not an easy task...even at home.